How do I Choose the Best Crutch Cover?

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Crutches are usually only used between three to six months at a time, but many people use them on a long-term basis. If you are concerned about hygiene, comfort, or just want to add a sense of fashion or whimsy, using a crutch cover can be a good idea. Most stores that offer crutches offer at least some form of crutch cover, and many offer a variety of colors and patterns.

Crutches force their users to rely on a certain set of muscles that don't normally support body weight, and they also apply pressure under the arms and to shoulders. Many people opt for a padded crutch cover to relieve the discomfort associated with the added pressure. Although most crutches have a basic pad, it is not usually enough to offer support.

One common problem when using crutches is hygiene. Constantly placing the crutch under your armpit and touching the pad that holds the crutch up allows for a build-up of dirt and bacteria over time. Crutch pads are available that have anti-microbial and anti-mildew properties. They can help extend the life of the crutch cover and pad.

For those who want something more colorful or stylish, or that may add extra comfort, such as a fleece-lined cover that offers warmth, there are a variety of styles available. The designs range from a simple change of color to more intricate patterns and designs. Some companies may even allow you to customize your crutch cover design.


Choosing the right material for a crutch cover can also be a concern. There are almost as large a variety of materials as there are colors and designs. Latex, polyester, cotton, or a blend of all three are common ones used. If you are looking for something to wash and dry easily, choose one with latex or polyester. Some people prefer a more natural material, but those can be subject more to dirt and grime and would need to be washed more.

If price is a concern you may have to choose covers that are less expressive, but functionality is the main concern for this accessory. It’s best to choose a crutch cover that offers support and comfort, as well as added protection, over style. In the end, consider that what you choose for a crutch cover you will have to deal with every time you use your crutches. That may help make the decision easier.


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