How do I Choose the Best Cross Trainer Exercise Bike?

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A cross trainer exercise bike is essentially an elliptical machine that also works as an exercise bike. This means the machine offers more than one position for you to engage in while using the machine: either sitting to use the exercise bike, or standing to use the elliptical machine. These machines are usually compact for home use, and you should be sure to choose one that will fit well in your home before purchasing. Most importantly, when choosing a cross trainer exercise bike, make sure to choose a machine that is comfortable and easy to use, and features the computer programs on its face unit that will help you the most.

The first and most important step in choosing a cross trainer exercise bike is to determine what kind of exercises you want to do with the machine. This will affect your decision as to whether you should have an upright bicycle cross trainer exercise bike, or more of a recumbent cross trainer exercise bike. The recumbent version will have you sitting in a chair much like a regular chair at a table, and your legs will extend out in front of you when engaged in the cycling motion. A regular upright bicycle seat will mimic the position of a normal bicycle. Your choice will depend on comfort; if you have back pain of any kind, a recumbent bike might work best for you.


Look for sturdy construction. In this case, you usually pay for what you get: cheap cross trainer exercise bike models will be made of lower grade plastics and other less expensive materials. This is fine if you only plan to use the trainer once in a while, but for regular use, you will want a trainer made of high grade plastics and metal. Make sure all moving parts are solidly connected to the machine, and examine the computer on the cross trainer. Note what kind of features it offers, and how easy it is to use the unit. Such computers are handy for a good workout, as some may monitor heart rate, speed, calories burned, and so on. A good cross trainer computer will be chock full of useful features.

Adjustability is also important when choosing your exercise bike. Make sure the seat is movable so you can find the right height and length for you. Some higher end bikes will allow you to customize the machine with your own bike saddle or pedals. This is an important consideration for those training for cycling events in which getting used to equipment is necessary.


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