How do I Choose the Best Creative Curtain Design Ideas?

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When choosing the best creative curtain design ideas for your home, make sure you love the look of the window coverings and not just the novelty of having something different. Creative curtains that fit in with the color and style of your home are the best choice. To keep your window coverings both tasteful and unique, consider keeping the more unusual rod or hardware elements of the design in neutral colors, while being bolder with the curtain texture, pattern or color.

For instance, it's possible to invent a curtain rail out of many different things, but by mostly sticking to neutrals, it can look sophisticated rather than cheap. Sawing off an old broom handle to use as a curtain rail can be one of the best budget-friendly, creative curtain ideas, but painting it may show its cheapness, while just staining it can make it look attractively rustic. Since the overall look of this unusual curtain rod is still subdued though, choosing the right material to go with it is essential. Lace, such as in a vintage table cloth, is likely to be the perfect choice for these types of creative curtain design ideas, as it has a lot of detail and can contrast nicely with the rustic wood look.


Pick a creative curtain design that will allow you to vary the sizing to suit your window. For example, in the broom handle and lace idea above, several broom handles could be attached together and two large matching tablecloths used to create a window covering for a sliding glass door area. The same kind of creative curtain design ideas can be adjusted for a small window such as by sawing the broom handle in half and doubling the lace tablecloth. Instead of a broom handle, a tree branch can make a creative, rustic curtain pole.

Curtain clips and rings are great for creative curtain ideas since the materials used don't have to have an open hem or eyelet holes. Both the clips and rings are sold in many different sizes, colors and materials, which make them ideal for using in creative curtain design ideas. You could use a ring and clip pair in gold-colored or silver-colored metal. An old bathroom metal curtain rod can be refreshed with metallic or black paint to go through the rings and clips. With this type of design, only your imagination can limit your fabric choices as you could choose prints or textured solids.


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