How Do I Choose the Best Crayon Eyeliner?

Sherry Holetzky

There are many different types of eyeliner and they can be used to create a number of different looks. Unlike some types of eyeliner pencil, crayon eyeliner can be used to line eyes as well as being used as eyeshadow. Crayon eyeliner creates a thicker line and is excellent for creating dramatic looks that work great for evening makeup. Young women seem to prefer the crayon to liquid liners because it can be easier to apply while looking stunning.

Crayon eyeliner can be used to achieve a "smokey eye" effect.
Crayon eyeliner can be used to achieve a "smokey eye" effect.

The “smokey eyes” look is very popular because it is fairly simple to create and is very sexy. It can be done easily with a crayon liner that is double-tipped, offering two different colors. Use one color to shade the entire eyelid area and then use the other color to shade the crease and to line both upper and lower lashes.

Eyeliner may help enhance a person's eye color.
Eyeliner may help enhance a person's eye color.

If you want to use crayon eyeliner as both liner and shadow, you can choose a nice, creamy one that blends well. After using the crayon to shade, sharpen it a bit before using it as a liner again. You can also use a combination of eyeliner crayon and pencil to blend colors or thicknesses to create more vivid looks. It is a good idea to choose crayon eyeliner that comes with its own sharpener, as sizes vary. A standard sharpener may work for many liners, but not all.

Some people shy away from crayon eyeliner because they are afraid it will smudge or be too thick, but with a good sharp tip you can control the amount of liner you wish to apply. To avoid smudging when using crayon eyeliner, you may want to add powder eyeshadow after lining your eyes, gently pressing along the line. You can use a shade that is close to the color of your liner for a blended look, or use a bolder color for more interest. Either way, the powder will help hold the liner in place.

Some people like liner that smudges over time, or they may smudge it themselves to create a rock star look. Choosing a liner with a small sponge tip on one end can also be handy, as it will allow you to smudge and blend as the mood dictates. You may also want to check out waterproof crayon eyeliner, especially in warm, humid, or wet weather.

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