How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Wine Fridge?

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There are a variety of things to take into account when choosing the best countertop wine fridge. The counter space that you have available is an important consideration. The number of bottles that you wish to store also is an important factor in choosing a countertop wine fridge. Cost is often a major consideration, and it can vary depending upon the size, brand, model and capabilities of the wine refrigerator.

Countertop wine refrigerators come in different shapes and sizes. Some are tall and slim, almost a tower shape, and are designed to fit into narrow spaces. Others are wider than they are tall, so they require more counter space. Consider the dimensions of your space and the dimensions of the wine fridge that you are considering before buying one.

Wine refrigerators for countertops generally have a capacity of between four and 20 bottles of wine. They feature temperature controls so that you can adjust to the best temperature for the type of wine that you are storing. Some wine fridges have dual temperature zones for storing both red and white wines at optimum temperatures.

Another consideration is whether you want to store open bottles of wine. Some fridges combine racks for laying down bottles with space for standing bottles, but others have racks only. The number of racks in a wine fridge will vary depending on its shape and how many bottles it holds. Wine fridge racks are often removable.


Prices vary for tabletop wine refrigerators depending on the number of bottles they hold, the brand, style and additional features. Different finishes, such as stainless steel, graphite, smoke glass and others can help determine the cost. Features such as locking doors might also increase the price that you will pay. Wine refrigerators come in colors such as black, red and silver to fit in with various home décors, so fitting the wine fridge to your décor is another consideration.

An additional thing that you might think about when choosing a countertop wine fridge is transportability. Some wine refrigerators are lighter than others, so if being able to easily move the fridge is important, perhaps for cleaning the counter or taking your wine with you, then consider its weight when full and its overall dimensions. A more squat model might be easier to move than a tall tower-like wine fridge, for example.

The majority of countertop wine refrigerators run on thermoelectric power, which uses a fan for cooling and is quieter than a traditionally run refrigerator. Some thermoelectrically powered wine fridges are quieter than others, however, so if being as quiet as possible is a factor in your decision when choosing a countertop wine fridge, check for noise and vibration levels.


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