How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Towel Holder?

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A countertop towel holder may be designed for the kitchen or bathroom. For securing your kitchen paper towels, choose a holder with variable tension control. This type of holder allows you to easily tear off one sheet at a time. Some kitchen towel holders are designed to hold a dishtowel and soap pad or scrubby. You can choose a bathroom countertop towel holder with a brass, chrome, or stainless steel finish to match any bathroom decor.

Depending upon how much counter space you have, you can choose a countertop towel holder that holds one or more towels. Some towel holders are double sided, allowing you to hang a towel on either side. A countertop towel holder with a built-in soap dish is convenient if you have sufficient counter space. Keep in mind, a towel holder can be attractive as well as functional.

When displaying guest towels, your towel stand should complement them in an understated way. Rather than draw attention from your towels, a countertop towel rack should be an enhancement. For bathrooms and powder rooms, choose something with an easy-to-clean metal finish.

For holding several towels in a neat and organized stack, choose a flat holder with a hinged top. A hinged design will allow guests to remove one towel at a time, allowing the others to stay stacked. You might want to reserve this type of towel holder for large gatherings, and choose something more basic for everyday use.


If you don't mind a tower design, choose a tiered countertop towel holder with shelves. One shelf can be designated for towels, while another can be used for storing necessities such as shampoo, liquid soap, or facial tissues. These towel holders are typically narrow and tall, so they won't take up a lot of counter space.

For the kitchen, choose a tabletop towel holder for housing paper towels or dish towels. Although wood designs are attractive, metal is more practical, as it is easier to keep clean. Some paper towel holders feature a convenient quick-change release button. The base of the countertop towel holder should be weighted, so it is not easily tipped over when in use.

Whether choosing a kitchen towel holder or bathroom towel holder, it's important to select something that won't slide around on your counter. The bottom of the stand should have a non-slip rubberized coating. Whether choosing a vertical or horizontal design, look for something sturdy.


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