How Do I Choose the Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

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A counter-depth refrigerator is known for saving space in the kitchen by being flush with the counters and cabinets. The first step in choosing the best is measuring the space you have available and looking for an appliance that fits that space. You also should ensure that it looks good in your kitchen, and you'll likely want the color to match, or at least blend with, the rest of the room. You also should consider the various styles of counter-depth refrigerator and decide which works best for you. Your options may include side-by-side, bottom-freezer and top-freezer models.


The main point of a counter-depth refrigerator is to save space in your kitchen, so you should start your search by making sure the one you eventually choose will not be too large. The easiest way to do this is to decide where you will place the refrigerator and measure the space you have available there. Most product descriptions mention refrigerator size, which should include the height, depth and width. You should keep in mind that most refrigerators of this type are not as deep as other kinds, which is why they are able to be flush with the surrounding cabinets, but they may make up for lack of depth by being taller or wider. This means that, before you choose the best one for your kitchen, you should consider whether you have the space for an appliance that is particularly tall, wide or both, and then start looking for counter-depth refrigerators with measurements that suit your kitchen.

Another advantage of a counter-depth refrigerator is that it can blend in well with the rest of your kitchen. To take advantage of this benefit, you should choose a refrigerator that is the same material and color as the rest of your appliances. Popular options tend to include stainless steel, black and white, but you also may be able to get a custom color. You may even prefer to keep your counter-depth refrigerator practically hidden at first glance, which is why there is the option of having it built in. This upgrade often is expensive, but it allows you to cover the refrigerator with the same material as your cabinets, making it difficult for others to tell the difference between the appliance and the cabinets.

You also need to choose the type of counter-depth refrigerator that is best for your house, because this appliance comes in a few styles. Among the most popular options is the side-by-side style, which features a refrigerated section on one side and a freezer on the other. You also can choose a style that has a freezer on the bottom, with the top section of the appliance devoted to the refrigerated section. When you choose this style, you may have the option of getting one with French doors for the refrigerated area, making it easier to access, though this feature often increases the price. If your aim is to save money, then the least-expensive type of counter-depth refrigerator typically is the kind with the freezer on top and the refrigerated area on the bottom.


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