How do I Choose the Best Core Training System?

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A strong core training system will include exercises that work the abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, pelvic region, and other muscles that support this area of the body. A strong core can improve flexibility, enhance physical performance, and contribute to overall health. A weak core can cause back pain, limited flexibility, and frequent injury. A core training system that strengthens the abs and pelvic region will in turn help support the spine and prevent stress on the lower back.

A core training system should be employed two to three times a week with rest days in between. The workout should involve repetitions and weights, and at the beginning of the program, the weights should be light and the repetitions few. As the core training system progresses, the weight should increase and the repetitions should also increase.

Some of the exercises in the core training system can be done without any special equipment. Leg raises are a good place to start. While lying flat on the ground, place your hands beneath your buttocks to support the lower back. Legs should be fully extended. Slowly raise both legs until they are as close to perpendicular to the ground as possible. Hold the position, then slowly lower your legs until they are only a few inches off the ground. Hold this position for several seconds, then release. This exercise will work both leg muscles and lower abdominal muscles, both of which will help strengthen your core.


The hand walk is another good exercise for the core training system that does not require special equipment. Standing straight up with feet placed at hip-width, slowly bend down until your hands are flat on the ground in front of your toes. You may bend your knees slightly to accomplish this, but try to keep the legs as straight as possible. Slowly walk your hands forward until the body is in a triangular position in relation to the ground. Hold the position briefly, then slowly walk your feet forward to meet your hands. Hold this position, then repeat.

A well-rounded core training system might also include various stretching exercises. These should be done before any other exercises are attempted so the muscles are prepared for strain. Stretching should also be done after the training system is over, since muscles are at their most limber at the end of a workout. Yoga is a good addition to a core training workout, as it stretches and strengthens key core muscles.


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