How Do I Choose the Best Convection Roaster?

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Choosing the best convection roaster can at first seem a bit daunting, but with a bit of research you can find the perfect roaster to fit your needs. Some of the things that you might want to examine when looking at which model is best for you include the size of the roaster, the number of amenities offered as a part of a specific model, and the appearance of it. Reading as much about the model of convection roaster you are considering, whether it is the model's manual or a review of the model, can help you make an informed decision.

Convection roasters are traditionally portable ovens. They most often come in a 10 quart (approximately 38 liter) or a 12 quart (approximately 45.5 liter) size. Much larger sizes are also offered, which are most often used for events and catering. The smaller-sized tabletop ovens are commonly used in place of a traditional oven and are convenient as they dramatically reduce the required roasting time.

When choosing a convection roaster it is important to take the exact measurements of your countertop so that you ensure that the roaster will fit when in use. A convection roaster must be set on a flat surface, where it can rest undisturbed. It is very dangerous if the roaster is precariously placed and happens to get knocked off, as it can cause severe burns to any people nearby and can cause excessive damage to any cabinetry.


Tabletop convection roasters come in two basic models. One model has an opening at the front of the oven, the other variety has an opening at the top of the oven. Those with a top opening have either a hinged top or a cover that comes entirely off. Choosing which style would be most convenient for your cooking style will help you make the best purchase possible for your personal cooking needs.

Some convection roasters include a roasting rack, while others do not. A roasting rack made specifically for the roaster proves to be quite handy and of great benefit, as it will make the entire process of cooking much easier. Once a roaster that does not include a rack is purchased, it is often very difficult to find a rack that fits in the convection roaster correctly.

Along with roasting racks, some ovens offer a cookwell which can be substituted for the rack when employing different cooking methods. Cookwells allow for turkeys or roasts to be set directly into them and then cooked. They come in a number of varieties. There are those with one cooking space and those with two or three divided cooking areas. This is just another way that a convection roaster affords the cook with a simpler cooking process.


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