How Do I Choose the Best Conference Materials?

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Choosing the best conference materials can make an event all the more successful. When there is organization throughout a workshop or other live presentation, speakers and audience members are better able to relax and receive the information being provided. To choose the best conference materials, consider the size of the audience and the format in which information is being presented. The quality of the materials used is relative, but even more important is that the most useful content is shared in conference materials.

Providing attendees with an agenda is an informative and friendly way of outlining what will transpire and the order in which events will occur at a conference. These conference materials may be pamphlets or documents within a folder that are distributed when attendees enter an auditorium or possibly already positioned on the seats or tables where participants will be seated. The best type of agenda materials to select may be a financial decision. For instance, whether attendees have registered or not can eliminate the mistake of overordering or having insufficient supplies on the day of the event.

Presenters at a conference should provide access to any materials used during a session. Even if slides or PowerPoint presentations are used by a presenter, attendees might be able to have better focus knowing that the numbers and other information will be available later. Otherwise, attendees may be distracted by taking notes.


It is usually a good idea to include speaker biographies as part of conference materials. This not only has the potential to add credibility to the roster of presenters, but it also offers attendees a way to possibly contact the speakers in the future. It's possible that the setting of a conference might be investment related. In the event that attendees are looking for investment capital to grow a business, the presenters might offer the type of backing these entrepreneurs need. Although networking and the exchange of business cards does occur at conferences, large crowds can sometimes make it difficult to make the desired contacts, and having printed biographies with contact details may help.

The sponsor of a conference might want to consider distributing some type of item, such as a flash drive or a flashlight, that has the logo or brand of the organizer. This is a way for the attendees to remember the sponsor at a later date. It also is a form of marketing as individuals outside the conference may come across these items and the brand.


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