How Do I Choose the Best Concealer for Men?

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Makeup concealers are designed to hide and conceal pigmentation spots, scars, and under-eye circles, as well as sallowness and other skin imperfections. Concealers differ from normal foundations in that most concealers are more concentrated and thicker than liquid foundation. They do, however, come in cream, powder, or stick form. When shopping for concealer for men, it is important that you select a color that goes well with his skin tone, or else the concealer will end up actually magnifying the skin’s imperfections. A man will usually appreciate a concealer with packaging that allows for quick and easy application as well.

Most makeup products that are marketed for woman are designed to beautify their skin with blushes, bronzers, and makeup sculptors, while men will usually be interested in makeup that is natural, matte, and invisible to the eye. When selecting concealer for men, make sure that it is a shade or two lighter than their normal skin tone, allowing the concealer to hide and fade away any of the darkness that is usually associated with skin scarring. Follow this same rule if the concealer is going to be used for under-eye circles.


Be mindful of makeup texture when shopping for concealer for men. Creams are very emollient and are an excellent option for the delicate under-eye area. Powder concealers are lightweight, which can be used on skin that is relatively free of imperfections, except for the occasional blemish. Concealers for men that come in a stick are a viable option for those that have highly uneven skin due to rosacea, acne breakouts, and heavy scarring. If opting for highly-concentrated stick concealers, make sure that you do not go more than one shade lighter than the skin.

Concealer for men will usually come in a matte finish. Do not stray into the female makeup boutique, where an individual can easily be overwhelmed with the various textures and skin finishes. Concealer for men should not have a glossy, glimmery, or a rather unnatural finish, but should rather blend in seamlessly to the skin tone. Be sure to test the color on the inside of the wrist to be sure that it blends in well. In addition, take consideration of the time of year, as a man may tan more during the summer months and will need a darker concealer during this time.

If visiting a boutique, department store, or makeup shop, consult a makeup artist for help. They are knowledgeable in selecting a concealer for men that is suitable for their skin tone. A makeup artist may also be able to do a personal consultation to be sure that the correct shade and formula is selected.


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