How Do I Choose the Best Combination Microwave?

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To choose the best combination microwave, be sure you select a model that will enable you to multitask, saving you from having to buy two separate appliances. The best one will be able to to bake, grill, and function as a microwave and convection oven combined. Although you'll want your microwave to meet all of your cooking needs, look for a model that will fit well on your countertop, if that is where you plan to keep it. An appliance with easy, one-button operation also is handy.

You also need to decide whether to choose a countertop combination oven or an over-the-range model. An over-the-range model can free up counter space and offer better ventilation. There's also less chance of the fan becoming blocked or obstructed.

When you shop for your combination microwave, choose one with various settings and heating modes. One or two modes will not allow you the versatility that an oven with several selections can offer. A timer is standard in most combination microwaves, although some less-expensive models may not have this feature.

Depending upon how much cooking you do and how many people you cook for, the size of your oven may make a difference. Look for the interior to be large enough to hold your cookware, plus allow ample space for ventilation. Your microwave should also come equipped with a rotating turntable, as this will enable even cooking.


If you're buying a combination toaster and microwave oven, look for a model with a section for toasting bagels and muffins. This type of appliance typically features a section with extra-wide slots. Keep in mind, however, that you might not be able to microwave and toast your food simultaneously.

Assuming you know which features you're looking for in your new combination microwave, after you've made your selection, read product reviews to see how it is rated. Reviews from consumers who own the product can help you determine whether you've made the best choice. You also should inquire if the combination microwave has been safety tested.

A combination microwave can last you for several years if you buy a quality product. Be careful when buying an off-name product. Consider buying from a trusted company that has been manufacturing combination ovens for a long time.

Buying a combination microwave can be expensive. You may want to protect your investment by purchasing an extended warranty. Also, check for a telephone number to contact the manufacturer should you require service. If your oven should ever require repairs, you may need to phone the manufacturer for assistance.


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Post 3

Is there a combination microwave/convection oven that doesn't require changing equipment?

Most combinations microwaves require special metal trays when using the oven. But when I need to switch to the microwave format, I have to remove all the metal. It's annoying.

Post 2

I just got a built-in combination steam microwave and I love it! It's so much better than a regular microwave. It does everything that a microwave does and more. Plus the steam doesn't dry out food and the food doesn't lose its nutrients. I can even put frozen hard ice cream in there and it will soften it slightly for me so that I can scoop it out!

Post 1

I bought a combination microwave recently that's a microwave and convection oven in one. So I can use it as a regular microwave to defrost and heat things up. I can also use it to heat baked goods, melt cheese, toast bread via the convection oven.

I admit that I don't use the oven too much. Although I did make quesadillas with it a few times which turned out very good. I mostly use it as a microwave to heat up leftovers, make popcorn and defrost frozen foods.

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