How Do I Choose the Best Colon Cleanse Powder?

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Colon cleansing powder is a product used to help cleanse the colon of fecal matter; it helps relieve constipation and may help remove parasites and diseases from the body. Taste is a major issue, because colon cleansing powder is swallowed and many people so dislike the taste of it that they may stop using it before it has had a chance to work. A powder with organic ingredients is often considered more valuable to many colon cleanse users and may be preferred. The amount of fiber, and fiber types, in the powder will determine the effectiveness of the product, as will some of the other ingredients in the powder. Users should ensure there are little or no fats or sugars in the powder, because these can impede its effectiveness.

Taste is a major consideration, because bland or poor-tasting colon cleanse powder tends to leave users less than enthusiastic about continuing the cleansing process. There are many powder flavors, including fruit flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Along with flavor, there are textured powders that may mix up smooth and thin or thick, like a smoothie. To make the treatment easier to tolerate, the user should get a flavor and texture that matches his or her preferences.


With health products, many consumers prefer to use products with organic ingredients. If this is a preference or concern, the consumer can find out this information by checking the list of ingredients or by checking for organic seals on the colon cleanse powder packaging. While organic ingredients are considered by some to be more effective, as of August 2011, there is no scientific proof backing this claim.

Fiber is important for an effective colon cleanse powder, because it is responsible for most of the cleansing. Consumers should look for dietary fiber and soluble fiber, which are the most effective. A higher concentration of fiber also is better, but fiber is not the only effective ingredient. Most colon cleanse powder products also are made with herbs, spices and fruit and vegetable extracts that help clean the colon, so consumers also should compare these extra ingredients between different powders.

Some colon cleanse powder products include sugar, sodium, fat and cholesterol. While a small amount of these substances may be unavoidable, the consumer should attempt to get powders with low amounts of these substances. This is because high levels of sugar, sodium, fat and cholesterol can interfere with the cleansing process, meaning the powder may work poorly. A small amount here and there, however, is usually not a problem.


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