How do I Choose the Best Collagen Eye Cream?

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Collagen eye cream is used to combat some of the natural effects of collagen loss, namely puffiness or dark circles around the eyes. The three-step process in choosing a cream begins with identifying which problem is most important to address. Second, investigate what collagen eye cream contains certain active ingredients to address these specific issues. Then, consult a physician to ensure the best product possible is chosen to fit individual skin-types and specific conditions.

About a third of the proteins in the body’s connective tissue are collagen. This protein is elastic in nature and help keeps skin firm. As the body naturally loses collagen when an individual ages, the skin can become less firm, lose luster and lose smoothness. Wrinkling of the skin around the eyes is a common result of collagen loss.

Some doctors recommend that women over the age of 35 use a collagen eye cream as a way of replenishing lost collagen. While it does not actually replace lost collagen, these creams can improve the skin’s strength, elasticity and firmness, causing it to appear younger and healthier. Collagen itself is too large a protein to seep into pores, so it is important to choose a collagen eye cream with certain ingredients that address specific problems.


To begin the process of selecting a collagen eye cream, decide which problem is more pressing: dark circles or puffy eyes. There are creams that target both of these issues, but they will be more general, and often are not as effective. Having chosen which problem to focus on, an individual can make an informed decision about which collagen eye creams will be the most effective.

For puffiness, the products to look for will include active ingredients such as retinol, caffeine, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA), vitamin C or copper peptides. These can tighten the skin and give a natural eye lift by stimulating collagen growth. While all the original collagen cannot be replaced, these should reduce puffiness and make skin firmer and stronger. To reduce dark circles, try products containing kojic acid, vitamin K, or skin-lightening ingredients such as licorice extract and vitamin C.

If it is more important to choose a product that targets both of these problems, the results will likely be less dramatic, but there are still plenty of collagen eye creams that will address them. These will include the above-mentioned active ingredients and will specifically address wrinkles, puffiness, sagging and dark circles. It is essential when choosing a cream to consult a doctor, as skin type and condition vary greatly.  


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Post 3

For under-eye darkness and wrinkles, a vitamin K and collagen eye cream is best. Vitamin K treats dark circles and collagen helps with wrinkles.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I agree with you that some collagen creams don't work. Just as you said, even though we naturally have collagen in our skin, the kind that's found in most creams can't penetrate into our skin. Plus, there are different types of collagen and not every kind works for skin.

I'm using a hyaluronic collagen eye cream right now and it actually works. But it took me a long time to find this and it does cost a lot. The company that makes it processes collagen in such a way that the skin is able to absorb it. It's also made of high quality collagen.

If anyone is eyeing a very affordable collagen eye cream, you might as well skip it. The ones that do work cost much more than most creams.

I should probably mention that I also take collagen supplements. So I'm feeding my skin from the inside out.

Post 1

If collagen is too large to enter skin's pores, is a collagen eye cream effective at all?

I started using a collagen eye cream two weeks ago. Aside from the skin around my eyes feeling softer from the moisture, I haven't noticed any other difference. There are other moisturizers in the product like vitamin E oil, so the collagen in it seems kind of useless right now. I'm not sure if I trust collagen products.

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