How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Blend?

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Several coffee blends are available on the market today, and choosing the perfect coffee blend can be a bit confusing at times. Light blends typically have a mild or smooth taste, while dark blends often have a strong taste. The qualities and taste of some types of coffee blends are often printed right on the package, but the region where the coffee came from can also give you some indication of how it tastes. You may also want to consider choosing a flavored coffee blend.

A light coffee blend may be best for individuals who do not particularly enjoy the taste of strong coffee, These blends usually have a mild taste, and they are somewhat smoother than other blends. These types of coffee blends are often labeled as breakfast blends or morning blends.

For the typical coffee drinker, a medium coffee blend will usually suffice. This typically has a somewhat stronger taste than a morning blend, and it is often considered medium bodied. When trying to choose an office or workplace coffee, this is usually the best choice, since it will appeal to most coffee drinkers. Medium blend coffees are often labeled as original or house blends.


Dark coffee blends are usually better for individuals who enjoy the taste of strong coffee. It can sometimes be described as robust or hearty. This type of coffee blend is usually best when consumed without any milk or coffee creamer. A dark coffee blend is also sometimes referred to as French roast.

More exotic coffee blends may come from several regions in the world, and each of these regions produces coffees with slightly different tastes. Coffee from Latin America, for instance, is usually considered to be a light and smooth blend. It will sometimes have hints of sweetness.

A coffee blend from Africa or the Middle East will typically be considered a medium bodied coffee blend. Some of them may have a hint of spice or cocoa. Coffee blends from Asia or Indonesia, however, often have a very strong taste, and some may even be a bit bitter.

Flavored coffees are also quite popular with some people. A flavored coffee blend typically consists of coffee beans that have been infused with a particular flavor before they have been ground up. Several flavored coffee blends are available, and they can be purchased from specialty coffee shops or the Internet. Some flavors, like vanilla or hazelnut, are a bit tame. Other flavors, however, like pumpkin pie or chocolate cake, may be a bit wild for some people.


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Post 3

I'm thinking of mixing Costa Rican coffee beans with Indonesian and Arabica coffee for a unique blend. I enjoy all of these coffees individually, so I think they might be good together in a blend.

Has anyone tried it? Do we have any coffee enthusiasts here? I would love to hear what your favorite blend is.

I've heard good things about a Mocha Java blend as well. Has anyone tried that?

Post 2

@feruze-- Light blends have the most caffeine. The more coffee beans are roasted, the less caffeine they have. Roasting "kills" some of the caffeine.

Most people think that dark coffee blends have the most caffeine because of the strong flavor but it's exactly the opposite.

By the way, even decaffeinated blends have some caffeine in them. It's not possible to make coffee completely caffeine free.

Post 1

Which coffee blend has the most caffeine?

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