How Do I Choose the Best Coconut Perfume?

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Coconut perfume is an essential summer fragrance that can be worn year-round if you are particularly fond of the scent. Quality coconut fragrance producers will always use either extracts or essential oils derived from the fruit. Depending on what types of fragrances you like, you might also consider a coconut perfume that has a combination of other scents as well. Spray bottle versions of coconut scents generally tend to provide individuals with the correct amount of fragrance without being too overpowering. Making your own perfume at home is an easy way to save money and to get all of the scents that you want.

Basic coconut perfume contains extracts or essential oils made from coconuts. The amount of such ingredients varies between brands, but generally a quality product will contain a high concentration of coconut derivatives. When comparing coconut fragrances, look at the ingredient labels to see where such features are listed in terms of quantity. A brand of perfume that lists coconut extract or essential oils as one of the last ingredients is generally not considered to be a quality fragrance.


The best coconut scent that you choose also depends on what other fragrances you desire in your perfume. Coconut is most often paired with vanilla scents in various brands of perfume, but there are also certain types that have lime and other citrus ingredients for a more tropical fragrance. Combination scents are usually comparable in price with those that contain basic coconut ingredients, but the costs can range widely between different retailers. Ingredients are more important in terms of choosing the best coconut perfume, so a fragrance that is sold in a department store might not necessarily be the best one.

Another factor in determining the best coconut perfume is the type of bottle in which it comes. Since many coconut scents are combined with other fragrances, this type of perfume can sometimes carry the risk of being overpowering on some individuals. Mist versions of the perfume are often preferable over stick or roll-on versions, because they usually deliver the correct amount of scent.


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