How Do I Choose the Best Coconut Oil Pills?

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Coconut oil is a tropical vegetable oil popular in recipes as well as in health food circles for its proposed ability to help combat weight gain and other health-related issues. The best coconut oil pills on the market should generally contain a certain amount of coconut oil per capsule, as most studies have shown health benefits from a specific amount of administered coconut oil. All coconut oil pills used for health reasons should also include pure coconut oil, and not refined or hydrogenated fat. Although pure coconut oil may not be entirely unhealthy, most physicians warn that coconut oil supplements not be relied on as a sole form of treatment for any health issue.

Many health food stores sell coconut oil as well as coconut oil pills and supplements for consumers wanting to improve their weight and cholesterol. Studies have indicated that the pure, traditional oil can play a beneficial role in improving these health issues, however, most data is inconclusive. If purchasing coconut oil pills, most naturopaths or natural health advisers suggest using pills that contain a certain amount of coconut oil per capsule or serving. This is mainly due to the fact that most studies showing health benefits report results after a certain amount of coconut oil, in grams, was consumed.


Most natural health food supplements include pure forms of the food, yet it is important to still read the label to determine if the coconut oil is refined or hydrogenated. Taking hydrogenated coconut oil pills can actually increase the intake of trans fat, which is associated with cardiovascular disease risk. One reason why conventional physicians and medical doctors warn against certain oils is because of their risk of being hydrogenated, making this tip an important indicator for supplement quality. If it is important to obtain an easy-to-swallow coconut pill, finding a supplement that includes a gel coating may be helpful.

It isn't uncommon for most physicians and dietitians to warn consumers about the use of coconut oil for improving health, as most claims have not been thoroughly tested by governmental health agencies. The high levels of saturated fat also give cause for caution, yet most natural health consumers believe it is the saturated fatty acids that are responsible for the proposed health benefits. Naturopathic physicians and some nutritionists often recommend individuals use pure coconut oil, instead of pills, to take advantage of its different applications. These applications include using the oil in cooking as well as moisturizing the skin.


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Drentel - If you're going to take the time to get healthier, you should take the time to do a little research to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Otherwise, you might do more harm than good.

Post 2

Drentel - I am by no means an expert, but I do take supplements and I have learned that there can be a big difference form one product to the next. When I began taking supplements in college, I often looked for the lower priced items in an effort to save money.

I later learned that in many cases I was actually wasting money on the cheaper brands in many instances because they didn't have as much of the supplement I was looking for or they were processed in a negative way.

After reading the article, my advice would be to make sure you at least avoid the hydrogenated oil and get the capsules that offer refined coconut oil. There are other issues you should be aware of, but that appears to be the most important.

Post 1

Buying the right product can be tough. I mean, how much difference can there be in one coconut oil pill and another. Do I really need to look that closely?

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