How Do I Choose the Best Coconut Dipping Sauce?

Cynde Gregory

Many different types of delicious foods are even better when they are served with coconut dipping sauce. Shrimp, chicken, and fruit gain new dimensions in texture and taste after a quick dunk. There are dozens of types of coconut dipping sauce, so the best is largely a matter of taste as well as the type of food it is being served with.

A bowl of sour cream, which can be used to make a sweet coconut dipping sauce.
A bowl of sour cream, which can be used to make a sweet coconut dipping sauce.

A creamy, sweet dipping sauce that features coconut is a cinch to make using pina colada drink mix, canned crushed pineapple, and sour cream. A drizzle of honey sweetens the sauce up just right for fish steaks or filets, skewered chicken, or coconut-toasted shrimp.

Grated coconut.
Grated coconut.

A thicker, more complex version will make diners’ mouths water. This one uses both toasted coconut and coconut milk in addition to cream, cinnamon, and sugar. Flour is added a little at a time to the heated coconut and cow’s milk to bring it to pudding consistency. This one can be sweetened with sugar or honey to taste.

A rich, creamy coconut dipping sauce that is perfection itself when served with fresh fruit marries sour cream and mayonnaise to sweet, shredded coconut as the foundation. Honey sweetens the mix, and a squirt of lime makes it dance. A few drops of hot sauce bring out bright lights, and cumin adds interest; curry works well too. Slices of banana, chunks of pineapple or pears, or a bowl of grapes transform into ambrosia courtesy of this dip.

A symphony of flavors sings when peanut butter and shrimp or fish paste jump into a coconut sauce. This one invites garlic, chili pepper, and peanut oil to join coconut milk and other ingredients. Served with a platter of raw snow peas, broccoli, and carrots, as well as cooked potato, sweet potato cubes, and hard-boiled eggs, this one will be gone in no time.

A very different coconut dipping sauce with salmon is easy to compose using cream cheese. A liberal dose of Cajun barbeque sauce brings heat and sparkle, while minced garlic deepens the taste and finely chopped celery adds a little crunch. Toasted coconut and curry powder top the dipping sauce, which is an appetizer dream when served on crackers.

A dessert coconut dipping sauce transforms yellow or chocolate cake. The sauce has simple needs, specifically powdered cocoa, sugar, and milk or cream. After the sauce has boiled, it’s ready to be tossed with bits of frozen cake then dipped in finely shredded coconut.

Salmon filets may be served with a coconut dipping sauce.
Salmon filets may be served with a coconut dipping sauce.

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