How do I Choose the Best Cocoa Body Butter?

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You can decide on the best cocoa body butter for you by trying different options, paying close attention to your skin, and avoiding products that contain ingredients you may be sensitive to. There is no one specific product that works for everyone, because each person’s skin is different and responds better to different things. To discover what works best for you, begin by browsing online or visiting a local retailer.

In many ways, cocoa body butter differs from traditional lotions. It is generally richer in texture, thicker, and contains cocoa butter as one of the main ingredients. Cocoa butter is made from the rich yellow fat derived from cocoa beans, the same beans used in making chocolate.

This body butter may also contain various other ingredients, often mixing Shea butter and additional skin smoothing agents to provide optimum softness to the skin. Begin looking for the cocoa body butter that fits you best by browsing through several options. Read the labels and find a variety that matches your skin type. If you have very dry skin, you may want an option with various additional oils and moisturizers to soften the dry patches.


You should quickly notice how each body butter makes your skin look and feel. If you find that a particular brand or type leaves you feeling gritty or oily, switch to a different formula. When you’ve chosen one that works for you, your skin should begin to feel soft and supple without excess oils creating a problem.

If at any time your skin becomes irritated, red, inflamed, itchy or bumpy, discontinue use of the product and contact your doctor. This could signal an allergic reaction. You should only try one cocoa body butter at a time so if a reaction does occur youare able to tell which product caused the problem. For very mild reactions, wash the affected area with mild soap and warm water. You can also apply a hydro-cortisone based cream to alleviate any itching.

Once you have chosen a cocoa body butter that seems to work the way you want, continue testing it for a week or two. If no adverse reactions occur and your skin becomes healthier and softer; it’s safe to say that you have found a good match. Otherwise, try a new variety.

Make sure to buy the smallest tub available of each cocoa body butter while you are still testing them. You may even be able to find free or low cost sample-sized versions through the manufacturer or brand retailer. This will prevent you from wasting money on an item that you can’t use.


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Post 3

If you buy cocoa butter to make your own body cream you might be surprised when you first receive it, how hard it is. The cocoa butter that I order comes in big chunks that I need to cut in to smaller pieces.

You can either use a sharp knife to cut off smaller pieces, or use something like a cheese grater so it is easier to work with. I use a small postal scale to weigh it so I know how much to put in my recipes.

No matter how you use it, the benefits of using cocoa butter on your skin are wonderful!

Post 2

I love to use cocoa butter and Shea butter for homemade beauty products. One of my favorites is a cocoa butter body scrub that is wonderful!

I just use equal amounts of cocoa butter and Shea butter and add ground rolled oats until the mixture forms a thick paste. I put this mixture in jars and it to exfoliate my skin. I keep unused portions in the refrigerator when not in use.

The easiest way to melt your butters, is to put them in a glass jar in them microwave in short increments until they butters are completely melted.

Post 1

I like to make a lot of my own bath and body products and cocoa butter is one of the ingredients that I don't want to be without.

The best body butter recipe I have used combines cocoa butter, Shea butter and some apricot kernel oil. Shea butter has a much softer texture than cocoa butter, so in a soft cream like this, you use more of the Shea product than the cocoa butter, but you need both of them for the best texture.

After I add essential oils for the scent I want, this makes the best body butter and is so good for my skin too.

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