How do I Choose the Best Coccyx Cushion?

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When choosing a coccyx cushion, the most important consideration is finding a cushion that feels comfortable, as people need to use their cushions consistently to provide support while they recover from coccyx injuries. If a cushion is not comfortable, the patient may not use it appropriately, and this can exacerbate the injuries. These cushions come in several shapes and have different fillings, making it possible to pick a cushion ideally suited for a specific person's use.

There are two main styles of coccyx cushion: doughnut and wedge cushions. Doughnut cushions look like oversized doughnuts and were once very popular, although many patients find them uncomfortable as it is difficult to center the tailbone on the hole in the cushion. Wedge cushions consist of blocks of material with a wedge missing in the back and tend to be more comfortable for many patients.

Coccyx cushions can be filled with gel, air, or memory foam. These materials provide varying levels of support and the thickness of the cushion is also a factor in the support level and firmness. One advantage to air-filled cushions is the possibility of deflating the cushion for transport to make it easier to carry around. Gel cushions often come with removable inserts that can be chilled or heated to provide additional pain relief and may be an appealing option for some patients.


If possible, people should sit on several different coccyx cushion styles to get an idea of how they feel. If a cushion feels comfortable, cushions in that style can be sought out. When trying out cushions, a cushion that feels uncomfortable in the store will feel uncomfortable later too, and should be avoided. People may also want to consider issues like size, as not all chairs accommodate these cushions well, and it is important to select a cushion small enough to lie flat on a chair. If a cushion has to be bent to fit in a chair, it may provide uneven support and could exacerbate a back injury. Some cushions come with straps to secure them in place and this can be a useful feature to keep the cushion centered on a chair.

For hygiene reasons, it is a good idea to purchase a coccyx cushion with a removable and washable cover. If the cushion does not come with a cover, a cover accessory should be purchased as soon as possible. It's also wise to periodically brush the coccyx cushion between cover changes to keep the surface even and clean.


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@talentryto- If your coccyx injury isn't too severe, you should try a wedge cushion that is made of foam rubber. This style offers the support you need and the flexibility to use it in a lot of different sitting positions.

On the other hand, if you experience a lot of pain issues from your coccyx injury, a doughnut cushion that is gel filled might be your best option. These seat cushions provide soft, stable support while relieving pressure in areas that may aggravate your discomfort.

Post 1

Does anyone have any thoughts about the most comfortable type of coccyx cushion? I am debating if I should buy a wedge or doughnut model. I'm also not sure which material to go with, but I want something that is soft yet supportive.

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