How do I Choose the Best Coat Hooks?

Dan Cavallari

Some of the most common places to hang coat hooks is by the front door of a home or in the bathroom, so your first concern should be how much space is available in the area in which you plan to hang the hooks. Another concern may be the materials used to make the hooks, as some materials are more durable than others and some coat hooks will be more resistant to water damage than others. Choose the hooks based on how many coats you suspect will be hanging at any given time, how much you want to spend, how much space you have available, and the overall aesthetic of the hooks.

Coat racks may be featured in a foyer to store coats and outerwear.
Coat racks may be featured in a foyer to store coats and outerwear.

The designs available for coat hooks vary significantly, from specialty designs to more all-purpose units. Decide if you will be hanging only one garment from the hook, or if you will be hanging many garments. This will narrow down your search significantly, and it will help you determine the aesthetic that is best for you. Single hooks can be made from a variety of materials and they are generally very easy to install. Such coat hooks are often found in bathrooms, on the backs of doors, or even near doorways. Choose one that will be both visually appealing when no garments are hanging from it, that will support the weight of the garment; heavier coats may need a metal hook rather than a plastic one that is hung with an adhesive rather than with screws.

If you will be hanging many garments on the coat hooks you are considering, think about where you will place the unit and decide what would look best in the space and what size would fit well. Take careful measurements of the space before purchasing any unit. Some coat hooks are built into a shelf unit that will allow you to hang coats and place keys or dog leashes on the shelf above the hooks. This is good for extra storage space and convenience when heading out the door.

Some decorative hooks will be more expensive than utilitarian models. Wrought iron, for example, is a common material for use as a coat hook, and while such material is visually appealing and very strong, it will come with a higher price tag than less expensive steel or aluminum hooks. If you are looking for more artistic and unique designs, plenty are available, but you should be sure to choose a design that is easy to install and one that will mount securely to the wall.

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I love to decorate with a vintage and antique look in my home. I found some great looking vintage coat hooks that I use on the back of the bathroom doors.

These work perfectly to hang a robe on. In the past I have used cheap, plastic coat hooks that are supposed to just stick on the wall.

These never worked very well and they were always falling down and weren't very sturdy. The vintage coat hooks add so much more style and are sturdy enough for what I need.

You can use coat hooks for things other than hanging your coats on. Even though this is the most common usage, I have seen some modern coat hooks being used for other purposes in magazine pictures.


I have a small brass coat hook that I have hanging right beside the garage door. This hook is specifically to hang my dog leashes on.

Before I hung this hook here I could never keep track of my dog leashes. Now I always have at least one there at all times so I am not searching all over for a leash.

The brass coat hook was heavy duty enough for what I wanted and I just screwed it right into the wall. It looks nice there by the door, but more importantly for me is it helps me stay organized.


One of my favorite restaurants has decorative coat hooks that are attached to the booths. These coat hooks are big enough that you can hang more than one coat on them.

I wish more restaurants would do something like this. If you are sitting at a table, you can hang your coat on the back of the chair. When you are sitting at a booth, there is no place to put your coat except to bunch it up, and you don't always have room for that.

With the coat hooks at each booth, you don't have to worry about leaving your coat at a place where you can't see it. Whoever thought of the idea of placing coat hooks at each booth, really had a good idea when they were planning their seating.

My friends just remodeled part of their house where they walk in from the garage. This now looks like a fancy mud room with specific spaces for each of the kids.

Inside each space is at least one coat hook for them to hang their coats on when they walk in the door. There is also a shelf for their books and a place for their shoes.

This has significantly cut down on the clutter by the door. Even with the younger kids, they know exactly where to hang their coat when they walk in the door.

Before this they would just drop their coats at the door and there would also be a big pile of shoes there. The kids' coat hooks she bought are brightly colored so they look appealing as well as being practical.

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