How do I Choose the Best Closet Hardware?

Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best closet hardware for your home, it's a good idea to assess all closets as well as what ideally should be stored in them. Once you've analyzed that, you can get a better idea of which items can't be stored well on rods, shelves or drawers, but require additional closet hardware such as racks, hooks or metal baskets. You're likely to find that the various closets in your home, such as entry, kid's, walk-in and laundry, will need vastly different types of hardware added for the best access and storage possibilities.

Shelves should be included in a walk-in closet.
Shelves should be included in a walk-in closet.

If your entryway always seems cluttered with shoes, coats, briefcases and backpacks, adding appropriate closet hardware can keep these items out of sight behind louvered or sliding doors. No matter what type of doors your entry door closet has, you can make use of the space inside either by creating a separate storage section for each household member or by storing like items together. For example, closet hardware hooks on one side wall may hold briefcases and backpacks, while the other side's racks might have wire baskets attached for hats and mittens or labeled with names for each person's belongings. The main closet area could hold jackets and coats while the floor could have several shoe racks to keep footwear organized.

Walk-in closets typically have the most space, and may use hardware such as racks and hooks.
Walk-in closets typically have the most space, and may use hardware such as racks and hooks.

A kid's closet may be best with plastic or wooden hooks, racks and other hardware, not only for colorful looks, but also to prevent injury from hard metal edges. The best kid's closet hardware is reachable by the child. Having simple hooks inside a children's closet at child height can teach kids to hang up clothing. Racks with colorful bins attached could hold complete outfits already put together by a parent so kids can learn to get dressed on their own.

Walk-in closets typically have the most space to hang storage hardware. Metal racks for extra purses or bins to hold out-of-season clothing can be hung close to the ceiling to maximize space. Belt and scarf racks may be among the best closet hardware for people who have a lot of accessories to store. Large, sturdy hooks close to bedroom or bathroom entrances can be handy for holding bathrobes or towels.

In laundry closets, wire shelving systems that also hold clothing on hangers on the bottom shelves can be convenient and versatile. Remember to leave space for freshly pressed shirts or items straight out of the dryer to hang neatly until they can be put away. Swivel or folding ironing boards can be one of the best closet hardware items for people who will use them regularly.

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