How Do I Choose the Best Claw Clip Hair Piece?

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A claw clip hair piece can be a great solution for anyone trying to dress up a plain ponytail or bun and achieve a more dramatic or interesting look. Choosing the best claw clip hair piece is mostly a matter of determining which hair piece will most closely match your real hair and look natural while still creating the type of look you want. With careful examination of the hair piece in comparison with your natural hair, selecting the right one can be a fun and relatively easy experience.

Before buying a claw clip hair piece, first decide what kind of style you would like. Take a look at stores and websites that sell hair pieces and wigs to get an idea of the various styles available. Most claw clip hair pieces are designed to clip on over a ponytail or bun and add volume, length, and texture to your hairstyle. You will be able to choose from long, medium, or short hair pieces that have a huge range of textures from stick straight to tiny curls. If you can, look at some hair pieces in a store even if you plan to buy one online so you can hold several hair pieces up to your head and see how different styles accentuate your face, neck, and shoulders, because some will be more flattering to your individual shape than others.


Once you have chosen a style, do your best to match the hair piece to your hair color as exactly as possible. In general, most people do not find hair pieces that are obviously fake very attractive, so you should examine it closely to make sure the thickness and the overall appearance of the hair in the hair piece is similar to your own hair. In addition to the color and thickness, pay attention to how shiny the hair piece is. If it is shinier or duller than your natural hair, it will be easier to tell that you are wearing a hair piece.

Next, make sure the claw clip will fit comfortably on your head. Sometimes, the hair from a claw clip hair piece is heavy enough to pull significantly on the ponytail, making it very uncomfortable after a while. Also check to see if the claw clip is large enough to grip your ponytail or bun, but small enough not to be obtrusive. If the particular style you have chosen is designed to keep the claw clip hidden underneath the hair, try it on and make sure it is securely hidden.


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