How Do I Choose the Best Cinnamon Supplement?

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A consumer shopping for a cinnamon supplement should consider the quality of the supplements, the cinnamon dose in each supplement, and the cost of the supplements. Dietary supplements are not regulated as strictly as conventional drugs, and it is important to verify both the quality and the purity of any dietary supplement, including a cinnamon supplement. It is also important to choose supplements that deliver an appropriate dose of cinnamon, which cannot be accurately determined simply from the size of the supplements. Price is also a factor and should serve, at the very least, to break ties between different brands of supplements.

An ideal cinnamon supplement is verifiably safe and pure. In other words, it should contain the advertised dose of cinnamon in each supplement, and the cinnamon and other ingredients should be certifiably non-toxic. Additionally, a supplement should not contain dangerous levels of contaminants. Some consumers may also wish to distinguish between the several different common varieties of cinnamon, which come from different but related plants and have somewhat different chemical properties.


Some governments regulate the content of dietary supplements. In other cases, however, these supplements are unregulated or regulated less strictly, and governmental oversight guarantees at most that a supplement is safe from contamination. It is best, when shopping for a cinnamon supplement, to choose a brand that has been tested by a neutral rating agency. Such agencies evaluate both the safety and the purity of supplements, and the seal of a reliable agency is the best guarantee of supplement quality that is available in most markets.

Anyone shopping for a cinnamon supplement should carefully evaluate the dosage that he or she wishes to take. Cinnamon can be dangerous in large quantities, especially for patients with heart trouble. The amount of cinnamon in a supplement does not directly correspond to the simple volume of the supplement, but most supplements will list the quantity of the active ingredient in each dose. Cinnamon oil should be treated with particular caution, as many versions are very concentrated, and a fairly small dose could prove dangerous.

The final point of consideration for anyone looking to purchase a cinnamon supplement is price. Purity, safety, and dosage should be checked first. Once these have been guaranteed, the supplement with the lowest price should be chosen. Consumers who have used a cinnamon supplement program for some time may wish to save money and purchase in bulk. Cinnamon, like any substance, will breakdown over time, and supplements should not be used after their recommended use dates.


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Post 4

In most of the articles I have read about taking a cinnamon supplement, they talk about how important the dosage of a cinnamon supplement is.

Taking too much of this can cause some bad side effects. My mom was taking a cinnamon supplement, but she felt like it made her hot flashes worse.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it being a hot oil or not, but the last thing she wanted was more hot flashes.

This supplement can be found at just about any health food store. If you are interested in taking a cinnamon supplement, I would start out with a small dose.

I would also make sure to buy from a reputable company that has research to back up their claims.

Post 3

I have used cinnamon bark essential oil as a supplement from time to time. There is something about the combination of cinnamon and honey that seems to help with a variety of health problems.

I will put a drop of this in any kind of tea I am drinking. This oil is very strong, and it only takes one drop to really notice a difference in the taste.

The main reason I use this is for symptoms of arthritis. The scent of cinnamon is also supposed to help you stay mentally alert.

One word of caution when using cinnamon bark oil is that this is a hot oil. If you get too much of it, it can burn a little bit.

Post 2

@Mykol - I have been using a cinnamon supplement for a couple of years to help lower my cholesterol and keep my blood sugar stable.

I am trying to avoid taking medications, and a natural health provider suggested I try a cinnamon supplement.

I am particular about the food supplements I take, and will buy organic because I feel I am getting the best quality of cinnamon powder this way.

Some people will also use cinnamon to help with symptoms of a cold. If you put a cinnamon stick in hot water and drink it like a tea, it has a very soothing effect. I always like to add a little bit of honey to the water too.

Post 1

What are the benefits of taking a cinnamon supplement?

I like to sprinkle cinnamon on my oatmeal and french toast, and use it in baking, but have never heard of someone taking a cinnamon supplement like a vitamin before.

When I buy cinnamon, I always buy a brand that is well known and has a strong cinnamon smell to it. Many of the cheaper brands do not smell very potent, and it takes a lot more of it to get a cinnamon taste.

Since supplements don't have to meet the same standards as conventional medicine, it sounds like there can be quite a big difference in the quality of product you may getting.

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