How Do I Choose the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies?

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Choosing the best chocolate chip cookies is very much a matter of personal taste. This cookie type is very flexible and can be made in a variety of ways with the end result still qualifying as chocolate chip cookies. The differences are largely because of the type of chocolate used, the fat in the dough, the cooking time and unique additions such as fresh vanilla beans or macadamia nuts. Some consider the best chocolate chip cookies to be the ones that most closely resemble what they recall from a good restaurant experience, while others seek out cookies that taste homemade to the palette. Fortunately, a wide array of cookies and recipes are available to suit nearly any opinion as to the best type.

One common, though sometimes unknown, difference in the best chocolate chip cookies is the type of fat used. A very soft cookie can be made, and kept soft for a long time, by using lard. A richer flavor can be had from butter, although the cookies tend to become brittle after they have cooled. Some commercial cookies use neutral oils as the fat, which allows the other ingredients, like the flour and eggs, to come through more boldly than in other preparations. This element of chocolate chip cookies, however, is mostly important when purchasing premade cookies, not when choosing a homemade recipe.


The type, style and size of chocolate that is used also can help determine which chocolate chip cookies are the best. Many prefer milk chocolate, while others opt for dark chocolate or bittersweet. The size of the chunks also can make a difference, whether they are large, candy-like pieces that are distinct in each bite or small morsels that only accent the taste of the dough.

Flavorings that are added to chocolate chip cookies can make a large difference in which are considered the best. A good amount of sugar can sometimes be very desirable, while other times it could eclipse the chocolate in the cookie. The proportion of salt can enhance the flavor or lead to a cookie that has an undesirable bite to it. Similarly, the amount of vanilla that is added in its various forms can make a cookie that has a cake-like flavor or might be considered too bland.

Some chocolate chip cookies include nuts in the recipe. When choosing the best cookies, some people find the nuts to be an indispensable flavor component. Others see the nuts as unnecessary filler and avoid them completely. Ultimately, the decision on what makes the best chocolate chip cookie comes down to the specific tastes of the person eating it.


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