How Do I Choose the Best Chinese Medicine School?

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Choosing the best Chinese medicine school depends on what one wishes to learn from the program and whether or not one would like to practice professionally. Learning Chinese medicine like acupuncture is usually different than learning Reiki or herbal medicine, and some areas require licensing for certain practices. Generally, the best school will be the one that provides the most thorough knowledge of Chinese medicine, but the prestige of the school and the student experience should also be considered. Some programs even involve travel to China in order to learn more directly from masters in the field, although these programs are often more expensive.

When choosing a Chinese medicine school, one of the first places to look is at natural healing and alternative health schools. These facilities may teach other natural healing techniques, like Ayurveda or various Native American healing methods, but they often have the benefit of extensive resources and general courses. This solution can be appropriate if one is also interested in other types of alternative medicine.


Schools that focus solely on Chinese medicine are also available, with some schools teaching only a specific type of Chinese healing. These schools are somewhat rarer and are often concentrated in areas where Chinese medicine is popular or many Chinese people live. It can therefore be difficult to find a Chinese medicine school of this type in areas without a large immigrant population. Acupuncture schools, however, are very common and typically teach students how to become licensed acupuncturists. The use of Chinese herbs may also be taught in a Chinese medicine school focusing only on this technique.

Depending on where one lives, an online school may be the best option. Some countries do not have any regulations surrounding alternative medicine, so one may be able to practice medicine with only an online degree. Generally, attending a brick and mortar Chinese medicine school is preferable because one will have to opportunity to get hands on experience with the tools and herbs used in this type of healing.

In terms of the Chinese medicine school itself, cost is certainly an issue. Some programs are expensive and the potential returns on running a Chinese medicine business are not often very high. As far as distance, one must be sure that attending the school will not cause extreme hardship and that one will be able to find accommodations during the program, as many schools do not have dormitories. Student experience is more difficult to predict, but talking to current students and faculty may be helpful when deciding if the program itself will prove enjoyable. A combination of all these aspects should be considered when choosing the best Chinese medicine school.


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