How do I Choose the Best Cherry Cough Drops?

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For people who are trying to choose between cherry cough drops to soothe their throats, there are a few considerations to factor in. One of the major considerations is whether the cough drops can offer any benefits other than simply soothing a sore throat. Some people prefer to use cherry cough drops that are made with vitamin C, which is known to help speed up one's recovery from the common cold. Some people use cherry cough drops with vitamin C when they feel a cold or the flu coming on in an attempt to stave off the illness, or even to just shorten the duration of the illness. Also, some people use cherry cough drops with vitamin C when they are traveling, especially on airplanes where the air tends to be very dry, in order to keep their throats comfortable while also boosting their level of immunity to colds and influenza.

For the same reason that people use cherry cough drops with vitamin C, some people also use cherry cough drops with zinc. Much like vitamin C, zinc is known for its ability to help people get over colds and flus. As such, there are some cherry cough drops that are made with both vitamin C and zinc. For recommendations on which cough drops with vitamin C and zinc, one can always consult with her doctor.


Some people also like to use cough drops that have an ingredient that numbs the throat. This can be especially helpful for people who have been experiencing harsh or persistent coughs that have left their throats dry and raw. Not only do numbing cough drops soothe the throat, but they also dull the sensation of pain in the throat, which can allow people to feel much better. There are also sprays that can be used for the same effect.

Another important consideration when choosing between cherry cough drops is flavor. Although all of these kinds of lozenges are meant to taste similar, people who love the flavor of cherry might be particular. There are, for example, some cough drops that are meant to taste like black cherries, which some people like. Finding the perfectly flavored cough drop that also includes all of the desired ingredients is usually a process of trial and error. But once the perfect cherry cough drop has been identified, it can be purchased in bulk and stored for future coughs, flus, and trips.


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Post 3

I can only use sugar free, cheryy cough drops because I have diabetes. I usually get the store brand ones, those are cheaper.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Herbal cough drops usually have lots of vitamin C. So they may not give immediate relief, but they do help in the long term by strengthening the immune system.

If you need something strong, you should use lozenges. These are basically medicated cough drops, they have an oral anesthetic inside. So they numb the throat.

I usually keep several different kinds of wild cherry cough drops at home and use them depending on how bad my throat is.

Post 1

I like cherry eucalyptus cough drops. They're basically typical cough drops, with added cherry flavoring. I like eucalyptus because it's very soothing for the throat. It helps relieve my sore throat and I cough less when I use them. But eucalyptus doesn't have the best flavor, so I get the cherry flavored ones. They taste much better.

There are actually lots of brands with cherry flavored cough drops. There are Halls, Vicks and Ludens cherry cough drops. I haven't tried them all but I think they're mostly the same thing. Some cherry cough drops don't have eucalyptus though, they have other herbs. I personally don't feel that those are as effective. Herbal cough drops are soothing but they don't do much for my cough.

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