How Do I Choose the Best Chenille Rugs?

Norma Jean Howland

Chenille rugs are popular because they offer a thick, soft, surface to walk on. When you are shopping for a rug, run your hands over the fibers and walk on it to see how it feels. Consider the room you need the rug for. Chenille rugs come in many shapes, patterns and sizes from oval braided rugs to floral patterned styles. Although these rugs are often casual, some, like the chenille paisley rug created to mimic silk, are designed for more formal areas. If you are searching for a rug for your bathroom or nursery, you may want to choose a rug made from washable cotton.

Chenille rugs tend to be durable.
Chenille rugs tend to be durable.

If you are looking for an accent rug for your den or family room, look at braided rugs. This kind of multicolored rug has a history going back to the days when pioneers used discarded rags to make them. If you have an older home or a home with country d├ęcor this rug may blend well with your furnishings. They come in different sized ovals with colored patterns to complement most color schemes.

A chenille rug with a textured appearance.
A chenille rug with a textured appearance.

In a more formal room, you may want to investigate chenille rugs made from a synthetic, silk-like blend. These rugs are made from viscose yarns woven to look and feel like pure silk. They are available in classic patterns and colors, like deep burgundy, autumn brown, or blue gray. This kind of rug can be used to frame a dining room table or carve out a sitting area by the fireplace.

Of course, chenille rugs are often used in the bathroom because they are soft underfoot and tend to be durable. These rugs come in a variety of colors that can be coordinated with towels and shower curtains. Cotton chenille rugs that are loop designed tend to be popular in the bath with their deep pile and fringe. These rugs are a practical choice for the bathroom since they are often reversible and can be laundered.

For the nursery, a chenille rug can provide a warm location where your baby can learn to crawl. These rugs come in oval or square shapes with pastel colors designed for a child's room. You may want to look at one of the Swedish pattern chenille rugs, which have a soft corduroy type finish. This type of rug is woven using a combination of fluffy chenille yarn and smooth hairy yarn. In order to keep the rug safely in place, you may want to purchase a rug pad.

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