How do I Choose the Best Chemistry Graduate School?

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Choosing the best chemistry graduate school depends on several factors relating to your personal career goals and circumstances. The top graduate programs in chemistry features world-class faculty. The best chemistry graduate schools might offer facilities necessary for academic research. A chemistry graduate school with specializations unavailable at other institutions may be a worthy choice as well as those programs with substantial financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Finally, a chemistry program with high employment rates for graduates appeals to students interested in industrial careers.

Your search for the best chemistry graduate school starts with a look at faculty members. The ideal chemistry program utilizes faculty members with impressive industrial and academic backgrounds. In addition to what you will learn in the classroom, researchers and academicians in chemistry can also provide guidance on careers at the university level and in the private sector. The best chemistry graduate school will also employ faculty within your desired area of specialization.

Another factor in finding the best chemistry graduate school is the quality of research facilities. The top chemistry programs operate multiple laboratories to accommodate student and faculty research. Each laboratory should contain the latest microscopes, calorimeters, burners and other equipment to ensure quality research. The best chemistry graduate school might also house dedicated computer labs with software that simplifies research and documentation.


The best chemistry graduate school covers a variety of specializations within its curriculum. Every chemistry program offers courses in organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. Your best option is a school that delves into the day-to-day applications of these disciplines. The top chemistry graduate school also covers industrial applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to water treatment. You can peruse a school’s course listings and certificate programs to find courses within your particular area of interest.

Your monthly budget might not allow for expenses like tuition, books, and user fees, however. The best chemistry graduate schools make scholarships, fellowships, and other tuition funding opportunities readily available to all applicants for graduate study. Chemistry departments may also have endowed scholarships for which you may be eligible. Becoming a chemistry teaching assistant is another way to pay for your education while at the same time gaining instructional experience.

The expense of a graduate education is worthwhile if you have a good chance at future employment. The best chemistry program has a high placement rate documented through, among other things, alumni surveys. These surveys list job titles, average annual salaries, and other details that highlight the success of graduates. This information is usually accessible through a school’s admissions office and alumni association or through an Internet search.


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