How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Stethoscope?

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Purchasing a cheap stethoscope can be helpful if you are a medical student who is low on money, or if you want to have something to use at home. To purchase the best cheap stethoscope, first determine how much money you are willing to spend, as well as if you want an acoustic or electronic variety. Other concerns include how well the instrument fits your ears and how well you can hear through it.

Acoustic stethoscopes are probably the least expensive option. Unlike electronic stethoscopes, they have no need for batteries and don’t have any added parts, such as a microphone or digital readout. The sound quality is not as good as an electronic stethoscope, but some believe that using one can help you develop your listening skills.

The best cheap stethoscope should fit your ears comfortably. Some come with extra ear buds that are different shapes and sizes, as well as different levels of hardness, which is nice if you have sensitive ears. Even if you are not able to test it by trying it out first, a stethoscope with extra ear buds increases your chances that the stethoscope will fit you properly. If it doesn’t come with extra ear buds, you can often purchase them separately for a low price.


In addition to feeling comfortable in your ears, the best cheap stethoscope should allow you to hear bodily sounds relatively clearly. Testing it first is the best way to determine how good the sound quality is, but if you can’t do that, checking reviews written by qualified professionals, such as doctors are nurses, is another option. Cheap stethoscope reviews can be found online and in various health magazines.

Typically, these instruments can be purchased in medical supply stores and online. Although you can’t try the stethoscope if you purchase it online, you might be able to test a similar one at a medical supply store first. This can be helpful, as online prices can sometimes be lower than if you purchase it in a store. Just be sure that the model is the same one you tested before purchasing it online.

Another option is purchasing a used stethoscope, which can allow you to get a better-quality instrument for a lower price. These can be more difficult to locate, but medical schools and nursing schools sometimes have bulletin boards that offer used supplies. If you purchase a used stethoscope, it’s usually best to also purchase new ear buds at the same time.


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