How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Remy Hair?

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Remy hair is high quality hair collected from a single donor that lies with each cuticle facing the same direction. Due to its exceptional quality, it can be difficult for consumers to find cheap remy hair. Remy hair is priced according to its length, volume, quality and sometimes its origin. To find cheap remy hair, choose the minimum length and volume you need to create your intended style. Also avoid purchasing the highest quality remy hair, as this will be the most expensive.

Before purchasing cheap remy hair, you should first determine the length of hair you need. Remy hair is available in a variety of lengths usually ranging from 8 inches (20.32 cm) to 28 inches (71.12 cm). Ultra long lengths of over 28 inches (71.12 cm) are also available. Longer hair is usually more expensive, especially when purchasing exceptionally long lengths. To find affordable hair, choose the minimum length you need to create your remy hair extensions.


Volume is another factor that has a significant impact on the price of real hair extensions and remy hair wigs. Most people need between 3.53 ounces (100 g) and 10.58 ounces (300 g) for a full head of extensions. For cheap hair extensions, choose the lowest volume necessary to achieve the length and fullness you want. Keep in mind that, when sold in wefts, remy hair is sometimes also sold by the inch. In this case, it is still important to check the volume of the hair wefts as this will dictate the thickness of the hair.

To choose cheap remy hair, your last consideration will be the quality of the hair. Quality depends a great deal on whether the hair is virgin or non-virgin. Virgin hair has not been chemically processed. Non-virgin hair has been chemically processed to change the color or texture of the hair. Since chemically altered hair might have sustained damage, non-virgin hair is usually cheaper than virgin hair.

Another issue in the quality of remy hair is whether it is single or double drawn. If hair is said to be single drawn, it was collected from an individual and immediately packaged. Hair that is double drawn has been meticulously sorted to ensure each cuticle is facing the same direction. During the sorting process, double-drawn remy hair is sometimes also organized so that each strand is the same length. Due to the additional time that goes into sorting, double-drawn hair is more expensive than single-drawn hair.

Remy hair might also differ in price due to its origin. Indian remy hair, also commonly called remi hair, is very popular and widely available. This hair is sometimes less expensive than European hair, which is frequently advertised as being the highest quality. While shopping for cheap remy hair, choose hair by color, texture and length instead of selecting hair by origin.

To select the best cheap remy hair, purchase hair from a reputable seller. Instead of choosing the highest quality hair available, consider purchasing non-virgin, single-drawn remy hair. As a whole, remy hair is very high quality. Even if you choose a lower quality, the hair should still be superior to synthetic and standard hair.


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