How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Hair Dryer?

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A cheap hair dryer might not always be state of the art, but you might be able to find an inexpensive model with various features if you're a smart shopper. If you prefer a ceramic, tourmaline, or ionic model at a cheap price, try an online auction or your neighborhood flea market. Discount department stores might have year-end clearances as well. When choosing a cheap hair dryer, however, you might want to consider a few factors such as wattage and energy-saving features. When choosing an inexpensive blow dryer, look for one with settings of low, medium, and high heat, and preferably a "cool shot" feature as well.

Even a cheap hair dryer should offer a setting that is sometimes referred to as a "cool shot" or cool down mode. After drying your hair on medium to high heat, you'll want to select the cool down button for setting your hair in place when styling. If your hair is very short, or you do not style it when blow drying, you might not need this optional feature.


Keep in mind, if you're buying a cheap hair dryer, it might not last very long. This is why obtaining a warranty for your hair dryer is essential. Also inquire about the return policy should your cheap hair dryer fail to operate correctly after a specified amount of time. If you're choosing a budget-priced blow dryer, avoid unfamiliar brand names. Buy your hair dryer from a reliable name-brand manufacturer known for making electronic styling products.

A cheap hair dryer with less than 2,000 watts of power might take a while to thoroughly dry your hair. An 1,800-watt model might be sufficient, however, if your hair is short to medium length. You might be able to find a model with higher wattage on sale, so check Sunday flyers and watch for television advertisements as well.

Another feature to look for in an inexpensive hair dryer is lightweight portability. This is a good feature if you travel often, as you can take it along without adding a lot of bulk in your luggage. At the same time, if you tend to multi-task when you're on the go, you will probably prefer a model that does not sound like a bulldozer when you power it on. Some of the cheaper models can be quite noisy, so read the package to ensure the blow dryer runs quietly.


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