How Do I Choose the Best Cheap French Doors?

Nicky Sutton

Cheap French doors need not be of inferior quality and can feature all of the necessary basic requirements that make good French doors. Look for safety features such as multiple point locking with as many as 11 locking points, and shatter proof, double glazed glass. The doors themselves should be made of good quality timber, uPVC, aluminum or steel. Cheap French doors must look attractive, be in keeping with your home, and there should be a range of colors and styles to choose from. Expect the fitting service to be of a high standard, leaving a complete and quality finish, with no mess.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Home security should not be sacrificed by buying cheap French doors. They should feature a locking system that secures at multiple points, with bolts that secure at the top, bottom and outer edges of the doors. The frame and doors must be made from strong and sturdy materials such as thick timber, aluminum strengthened with steel, or uPVC. Look for toughened glass for added security, compliant with current industry regulations.

Decide whether you want sliding, folding or regular swinging doors. Each should be of good quality, and feel strong and sturdy, and not creak, squeak or rattle when they are opened and closed. Expect quality tempered and insulating double glazing. Cheap French doors and the glazing within them should comply with current building regulations, so talk to the supplier about these.

There should be a range of colors and finishes available to choose from, such as uPVC available in the white and imitation wood, aluminum coated in various finishes, and hardwood stained a variety of colors. Ask about the installation service accompanying your cheap French doors and where you can see an example of the fitter’s past work. Check that doors shut tightly and securely, without any draft passing through from around the door frame or door seals. Fitters should visit your home to measure up, before fitting your doors quickly and professionally, leaving a quality finish and no mess.

Look for a company that provides a warranty with your cheap French doors that lasts, for example, three or five years, which is useful should there be any leakage, bending or sagging of the doors or frame over time. The doors should be easy to lock and unlock, and be supplied with a set of good quality keys. Expect an attractive look and a generous amount of light to enter your home. In keeping with the style of your home, cheap French doors should be attractive and blend in with the look of the building.

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