How do I Choose the Best Chakra Set?

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The chakras — particular energy points taught in Hindu philosophy — are said to be contained in one's aura and correspond with different parts of the body. A chakra set is basically a kit that has different tools to help facilitate an awareness of the openness of these energy points. The best chakra set includes a manual that dictates where each chakra is located and how to effectively open them, a music CD which contains tones and notes that resonate with each chakra, and perhaps even aromatherapy oils that can be used to stimulate each chakra. Even if a chakra set does not contain all these items, the manual should at least pinpoint how one can use these tools to further educate and enlighten you about the chakras.

In Hindu and esoteric teachings, the chakras are energy points located in various parts of the body that associate with specific health issues, abilities and organs. Through meditation and visualization, it is taught that these energy centers can be opened or closed and that a person can heal his body by working on his chakras. A chakra set includes tools and instructions to help an individual understand the chakras and develop a sense of calm and peace through a spiritual meditation practice. A manual should accompany a chakra set, as this is the primary information center for any individual beginning his path through the chakras.


Often, a helpful chakra set will include some type of CD that plays certain tones or notes known to resonate with the chakras. Each chakra is thought to be stimulated by a particular musical note, so using the CD during meditation can help center your thoughts on the specific chakra. "Balancing the chakras" is an important term used in most esoteric and meditation circles, and the process is often accomplished by using music, chanting and visualization. A CD might also include spoken word to help guide the listener into a deeper state of visualization.

Aromatherapy is often used in meditation and chakra work, as different herbs and botanicals are thought to stimulate the chakras through smell. A chakra set might include a set of aromatherapy oils to massage into the skin or burn in an oil diffuser during meditation. Some chakra sets may also include crystals or stones that correspond to each chakra. Even if these items aren't included in a chakra set, most individuals interested in learning more about chakra work will invest in these tools as they move further along in their practice.


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