How do I Choose the Best Chaise Recliner?

K. Gierok

Those who are interested in purchasing a chaise recliner should start by determining how far the chaise will ideally recline. While some chaises may only recline a few inches, others can move back a few feet. In addition, customers should determine which type of material is best when selecting a recliner. Considering comfort level and examining the individual features of the recliner are also important steps for finding the best recliner.

Corduroy is a popular fabric choice for a chaise recliner.
Corduroy is a popular fabric choice for a chaise recliner.

In order to choose the best chaise recliner, it is important to first consider how far back the chaise will ideally recline. Chaises can vary dramatically in how far back they can recline, with some going back only a few inches, and others reclining so far they can almost be used as a bed. Comfort and space availability should both be considered when determining how far back the chaise can recline. In general, areas with only a small amount of available room will do best with a chaise recliner that moves back only a small amount, while those with plenty of spare room can easily hold a chair that fully reclines.

When choosing a chaise recliner, it is also important to consider the type of material from which the recliner is made. Leather is a popular choice for a chaise recliner, especially in areas with warmer climates. In contrast, those who live in areas where the weather is quite cool may prefer a recliner covered in corduroy or another similar material. Depending on the type of material with which the chaise recliner is covered, costs may vary quite dramatically. It is also important to understand that though leather chaise recliners may be more expensive, they also typically are more durable than those covered in cloth.

The comfort and individual features of the chaise recliner should also be considered before making a final purchase. No matter how attractive a particular recliner is, if it is not comfortable, it will not be used. All members of the family should sit in a number of recliners before settling on a specific product. In addition, other individual features, such as warming or cooling coils, vibrators, and cup holders should all be examined and considered in order to choose the best chaise recliner.

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