How do I Choose the Best Certified Nurse Aide Classes?

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There are several things a perspective student should consider when choosing the best certified nurse aide classes. Consider what is included in the curriculum, the length of the nurse aide program, and the cost. It is also important to research instructors' qualifications and their nursing and teaching experience.

When choosing certified nurse aide classes, ask for a program syllabus or program outline. This will help you determine what is included in the curriculum. Some nurses aide programs may include information on disease processes, medical terminology, assisting with medical procedures, and infection control. Certified nurse aide classes should also include lessons on taking vital signs, dealing with emergencies, moving, washing and feeding patients and charting. A comprehensive nurse aide program is essential to prepare a student to work effectively as a nurses aide.

One important thing to consider when selecting a certified nurse aide course is the requirements in the state or country where you wish to work. In the United States, requirements for licensing, such as the hours of training completed, vary by state. Check with the state or country’s nurses aide licensing board to determine the exact requirements before selecting certified nurse aide classes.

In addition to classroom instruction, certified nurse aide classes should include hands-on practice. Look for classes that include clinical hours at hospitals and nursing homes. Programs that include practice taking vital signs and working with real patients may provide a more well-rounded education.


Cost is one factor to consider when choosing the best certified nurses aide classes. Community colleges, private trade schools, and hospitals may all offer certified nurse aide classes. Cost may vary widely. Ask if tuition includes the cost of books, uniforms, state licensing tests, and background checks.

The length of the program should also be a deciding factor. Certified nurse aide classes may run from about eight weeks to six months. Programs are offered during the day, evening, and weekends. Online classes may also be an option. People choosing classes should consider their employment situation and family responsibilities to select the class that works best.

Knowledge, experience, and qualifications of the instructors are also important when selecting certified nurses aide classes. Look for classes taught by registered nurses. Classes may also be taught by licensed practical nurses who have experience working with patients in both acute care hospitals and nursing homes.

Lastly, consider job placement assistance when choosing certified nurses aide classes. Some schools may offer lessons in resume writing and interview skills. Certain programs may also offer job leads.


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