How Do I Choose the Best Cellulite Scrub?

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One of the things you should consider when looking for a cellulite scrub is how and where you plan to use the product. Cellulite scrubs that resemble a gel or lotion could be applied with a washcloth or bath sponge. You may want one of these varieties if you plan to perform cellulite therapy in the shower on a daily basis. For more intense cellulite reduction, you may want to use a soap treatment, and this might work best along with a small brush. A lotion or gel should be thick and very grainy, while cellulite soap might have a rough feel yet provide a very thick lather.

You may need to use a scrub daily in an attempt to permanently reduce the appearance of cellulite. If this is the case, a cellulite scrub that resembles a lotion or a gel might be ideal to use. Some products are designed to minimize cellulite on the abdomen or thighs, while others can be used anywhere this condition is a problem. Lotion types normally help to moisturize the skin while you are using it, but a gel variety may feel less abrasive on your skin during treatment. Both of these types can be easy to use in the shower or bathtub, and are normally applied with a washcloth or bath sponge.


In addition to using a daily scrub, you may want to try cellulite soap from time to time. This type of cellulite scrub can be used with a brush to help break up fat cells under the skin. Using a brush along with a cellulite scrub can often provide better results than simply using a scrub with a bath sponge can. Even so, it may be harsh on the skin, causing temporary redness in the area where it is used. For this reason, cellulite soap should be reserved only for occasional use.

When choosing a cellulite scrub, it can be very important to select a thick product. You may want to feel a little bit of the product with your fingers to test the consistency of the scrub. While you are doing so, think about how grainy the lotion feels, as it should be lightly abrasive without scratching the skin. Reading the list of ingredients could also be helpful, because there are many natural substances that can help reduce cellulite. Some of these might include sugar, sea salt, or coffee grounds.


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