How do I Choose the Best CB Radio Mount?

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Picking a CB radio mount should be an intelligent process based on the use of the CB radio. Where to mount a CB radio depends upon how the user will utilize the radio. For radios that will be used a great deal, the CB radio mount should be located in an easy-access area. For a radio that will see only occasional use, the radio should be mounted in an out-of-the-way location. In either case, the CB radio mount should be strong and secure.

The buyer should not just purchase the first mount on the rack. Planning and forethought should occur to ensure selecting a CB radio mount that will offer a lifetime of satisfactory performance. Size, design and material are some of the considerations which should be thought out when purchasing a radio mount.

Mounting location should be the first consideration when choosing a mount. Decide if the CB radio mount be positioned so that the radio hangs from the roof or if will it sit on or under the dash. Make sure that the mount chosen will allow the radio to be mounted in the chosen position. Also be sure that the mount will fit the intended radio. CB radios come in different sizes and shapes. Make sure the intended mounting bracket will fit the radio in question.


Make sure that the mount is the proper color. Mounts come in bright, shiny finishes as well as dark, flat finishes. Choose a finish that will blend into the vehicle's interior. Placing a shiny chrome CB radio mount in a location that will reflect sunlight in the vehicle operator's eyes would not be a good choice. When mounted in line with an operator's eyes, a dark flat finish is usually the best choice.

Manufacturing material is also a determining factor. CB radio mounts are typically made of stamped metal or machined from billet stock. For radios that are heavy or subject to severe use or vibration, a machined mount is usually preferred. Thin stamped mounts can break or loosen, causing damage to the radio.

The CB radio mount should also allow for easy removal of the radio. In the event of needed repair or upgrading, the radio should be able to be removed from the mount. When choosing a CB radio mount, the method of securing the radio to the mount is often a deciding factor. For radios which may require frequent removal, a thumb screw mounting system is often preferred over an Allen bolt or hex head bolting method.


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