How Do I Choose the Best Casein-Free Foods?

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In order to restrict the intake of casein, and thus eliminate hypersensitivity issues, you must supplement your diet with appropriate casein-free foods. The foods need to be pleasing to the palette and provide enough vitamins and minerals, like calcium and vitamin D, to keep the diet in a balanced state. There are a number of retailers, both traditional and online, that provide a multitude of casein-free foods, which can be tailored to meet a person’s particular dietary needs. In order to develop an everyday menu, researching and experimenting with different stores and dietary methodology is often times necessary.

Casein, a protein found in most dairy products and other foods containing lactose, can be detrimental to body systems that are sensitive to the compound. The process of choosing the best casein-free foods often times begins with consulting a doctor or licensed dietitian. Certain tests can reveal the level of sensitivity present, and a medical professional can expound upon the basic dietary needs required by certain age groups and special populations. A medical professional may be able to direct patients to support resources within the community. Community support groups often times share recipes and helpful shopping tips that can help with the selection of foods.


Casein-free foods are usually located in close proximity to the dairy section in regular grocery stores. Alternative casein-free milks, butters, and creamers are found in this section. In larger stores, this section will also contain casein-free cheeses and yogurts. Finding casein-free foods to supplement a particular diet often times takes a rigorous process of trial and error. As specific products are assessed for taste and texture, you can make a list to ensure the process goes smoothly. It is recommended that you try a selection of different food preparation methods in order to incorporate the items successfully in a diet.

As more types of foods are incorporated, you can seek a specialized health food store to provide more complex foods. Specialized stores will also many times have staff members who are knowledgeable about living a casein-free lifestyle. Some may also have workshops and lectures that discuss the benefits and possible obstacles that may come up in everyday living. Eating outside the home can sometimes be daunting, but careful research and patience regarding each ingredient in a meal makes food selection easier in this instance.


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