How do I Choose the Best Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Brace?

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If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the best treatments that you can use is a brace. This helps support your hand and wrist, and can usually be worn nearly all the time, which means that choosing the right one is important. You can arrange to get a carpal tunnel syndrome brace from your doctor, which should ensure that the brace you get fits your hand perfectly. You can also purchase one at most pharmacies, as various brands feature rigid braces that are meant to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. If you want support at all times, but need a little more flexibility than a rigid brace can provide, you should also look into soft wrist braces.

Most people choose to visit their doctor to help treat this condition, and this can be a good source for a carpal tunnel syndrome brace. In fact, most doctors can order custom braces since they usually order them from physical therapists rather than in bulk from manufacturers. Once your doctor receives it, he can typically further modify it to fit your hand perfectly. Therefore, if you want a brace that is the perfect size for you, ask your doctor to order one. In many cases, all or part of the cost will be covered by insurance if it is deemed medically necessary, which is one benefit to obtaining a carpal tunnel syndrome brace from a medical professional.


Not every case of carpal tunnel syndrome requires frequent visits to the doctor, so getting a brace from a medical professional is not always the most convenient option. You do have the choice of purchasing one from the local pharmacy, as there are typically various types of braces for sale. These are known for being particularly rigid, with a metal plate that rests against the palm, which is great if you need lots of support for your hand. Of course, these types of braces are not customized to your hand, and they come in various sizes, so try them on before buying in order to find one that fits well. This kind is typically less expensive than customized types, which means that if you are on a budget, or want to purchase a few braces, this may be your best option.

It is recommended that you wear a carpal tunnel syndrome brace at all times for the best support possible, but sometimes wearing a rigid brace that does not allow you to bend your wrist or fingers is not convenient. If you need some flexibility in your hands and wrists for at least part of the day, you should opt for a soft brace instead of the typical rigid kind. This type does not offer as much support, but it is often better than no brace at all. You should consider purchasing a soft brace for use during the day, and an inflexible carpal tunnel syndrome brace to wear at night when you do not need to bend your wrist.


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I have found the solution to my carpal tunnel ailments, and they work. I've been using various braces, medications, therapies and exercises and I promise you, nothing works better than the aPallo Day and Night Wrist Braces. I can work without pain and I'm ecstatic to share!

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The Apallo wrist brace system is the best for me because it includes two braces-- one I can wear during the day and one at night.

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