How do I Choose the Best Cardio Classes?

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The best cardio classes are the ones that are well suited to the person exercising in two key ways. The first way in which cardio classes must be suited to the exerciser is that they must be at the right level. A beginner, for example, will need to take classes that are not as intense as the classes that a seasoned cardio exerciser would take. Also, the cardio classes should be fun. This means choosing a class that is, in some way suited to one's interests and likes.

There are a number of kinds of cardio classes that are based on certain types of dance. For example, there are classes that use Latin dance motions set to Latin music. These are perfect classes for people who love Latin dance and Latin music. One of the reasons that the best cardio classes are classes that the exerciser enjoys is that it keeps her motivated to stick with the exercise program. After all exercise is hard and challenging for the body and can sometimes even hurt a little, so it can be hard to stick with if it isn't any fun.


In order to choose the right level of cardio classes it is best to talk to the instructor at one's gym or community center where the classes are held. Someone who works at the gym, fitness center, or community center should be able to guide one to the right class. When in doubt, choose cardio classes that may be a bit below one's level of fitness and then move up. This is much better than taking a class that is too difficult and can, therefore, potentially lead to injury, which could keep one from being able to exercise and stay fit at all.

There are a number of websites that offer free clips of different kinds of cardio classes including cardio yoga, cardio pilates, cardio salsa classes, and other kinds of cardio classes that are based on some kind of dance. Watching these clips and trying out the routines is a great way to find a kind of cardio class that is both fun and well suited to one's fitness level. Also, if there are no cardio classes in one's area, this is a good way to find out about the different instructors who make videos and choose between them before purchasing any cardio exercises or DVDs to use for home exercise.


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