How do I Choose the Best Candle Wall Sconces?

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Installing candle wall sconces can be an excellent way to add a decorative lighting source to a room. To choose the best candle wall sconces for you, begin by considering the structure of the wall on which they will be installed to determine whether you must select pieces of a limited weight or with a particular kind of mounting. Next, decide on your desired base style, material, and color. Finally, choose a candle type that suits your style, fragrance, and safety needs.

To select the best candle wall sconces for you, start by examining the wall on which the fixtures will be installed to establish potential structural limitations. For instance, walls made from thin sheets of drywall may be able to support only lightweight sconces. Conversely, if your walls are made from very solid materials such as cinderblock or concrete, you may wish to select sconces that require minimal nailing or drilling to simplify installation.


Once you have established or ruled out structural concerns, decide on a base style, material, and color for your candle wall sconces. You may wish to tailor your choice to the architectural style of your home or the décor of the room in which the pieces will be installed. For instance, if you live in a Victorian home, you may wish to select Victorian-style sconces featuring details such as elaborate scrollwork, gold or brass finishes, and cut-glass shades. If your room features Mission-style furniture, on the other hand, you may prefer sconces with clean design lines in a simple material such as a dark wood or wrought iron. For an eclectic look, you may opt to mix styles, choosing, for instance, contemporary sconces to hang over a retro sofa.

After narrowing down your base options, you should decide what type of candle will suit your style, fragrance, and safety needs. You may find that your desired base looks best with elegant tapers, or with short, stylish tea lights. Additionally, you may wish to choose candles in a shade that matches your wall color, or you may prefer a contrasting color. You may want scented candles that improve your room’s fragrance or you may prefer an unscented option. Keep in mind that candles can generally be replaced easily and cheaply, allowing you to alter the look of your sconces based on your mood, decorating changes, or the season.

A final but important concern when selecting candles for your wall sconces is safety. Keep in mind that candles should be lit only if the space around them is clear of any materials which may catch fire. In addition, they should not be left unattended. If your wall space does not allow for the safe lighting of your sconces, you may wish to purchase battery-operated flameless candles.


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