How do I Choose the Best Calming Moisturizer?

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While many people turn to moisturizers for different reasons, a majority of them do so to keep skin smooth and supple, and to prevent peeling or itching. For people with highly sensitive skin, skin that is prone to breakouts, oily skin, or suffer from skin ailments like rosacea, choosing a calming moisturizer is usually the best option to prevent or treat uncomfortable symptoms. Calming moisturizers are specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin and sometimes medicinally treat skin disorders and rashes. Before using a calming moisturizer, it typically is recommended that a person speak with a health professional or dermatologist in order to determine the needs of his or her skin, identify potential allergies, and select the best product for the patient.

There are several different types of moisturizing lotion, including lotion for the body, hands, feet, and face. Each type of lotion contains a specific amount of moisturizing ingredients that may vary according to its use. When choosing a calming moisturizer, it can be crucial for you to research the ingredients in the lotion.

Since sensitive skin and skin that is prone to rosacea often react poorly to the chemical components in many brand-name lotions, finding a lotion that is mainly comprised of natural ingredients is typically recommended. Many brand-name lotions contain chemical additives and usually are petroleum-based. While these lotions do generally moisturize, they are often too harsh for sensitive skin.


Most natural moisturizers contain one or several types of natural oil, such as almond, olive, peanut, and safflower, as well as other natural and herbal ingredients, such as beeswax, aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, vitamins E and D, and feverfew. The best calming moisturizer usually should contain little, if any, non-natural ingredients and should include one or more of the herbs listed, which are believed to have a calming effect on the skin. While calming moisturizers may be used all over the body, they are typically needed for facial care where many people suffer from acne and other skin ailments. The best calming moisturizer for the face typically should be lightweight, fragrance-free, and contain a small amount of ultraviolet long wave and ultraviolet short wave (UVA/UVB) sunscreen for sun protection.

Some moisturizers are advertised as noncomedogenic. This term, favored by the health and beauty industry, means that a product that is noncomedogenic will not clog pores. The opposite of this is an occlusive product, or one that may clog pores. Many people turn to a calming moisturizer because they have problems with acne, pimples, or reddened skin. While there is no scientific way to prove that a product is totally noncomedogenic, certain ingredients in lotion, such as coconut oil, vegetable oil, and cocoa butter, are considered occlusive ingredients and typically should be avoided when choosing a calming moisturizer.


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