How do I Choose the Best Business Strategy Book?

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Selecting the best business strategy book can be difficult, since there are so many business books available. As with any other book, the best way to begin looking for a great business strategy book is to read book reviews. Many book review websites exist, and finding out what others think about a book is an ideal way to begin your search.

Another way to find a great business strategy book is to look for a book that focuses exclusively upon your specific industry. While a book based upon the history and strategy of the steel industry may be enticing, this type of literature may not help you if you work within the garment industry. Find out what other people who share your business ideals are reading by scouring the Internet for resources.

It is also possible to find a business strategy book by looking for a specific author or publishing company. Some prestigious business schools print many books that related to various industries, and these texts are generally worth reading. Likewise, many seminar leaders and influential business people write books for people looking for clever strategies. These books may prove to be well worth your time.


Speaking with colleagues and fellow professionals is another great way to find a suitable business book. As with most other things, personal referrals tend to be worth listening to. People who are admired within the business world may also list books that they enjoy on various websites. Writing down the names of these books may be a wise idea.

After narrowing down all the possible selections available, you can purchase a business strategy book by shopping at an online retailer or visiting your local bookstore. Alternately, you may be able to find many popular titles at your local library. In fact, borrowing library books is a great way to read a section of a book, and then decide whether or not you want to purchase a particular text.

Lastly, looking for lists of classic business books is an ideal way to build your library. There have been many business-minded authors throughout the years who have directly impacted the corporate world with their words. Obtaining books that are now considered classics will provide you with a vast array of knowledge. Whether you are looking for global business strategy, green business strategy, or any other kind of strategic text, you can find what you need by following the aforementioned suggestions.


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Post 3

@everetra - Industry specialization is really important. As a matter of fact, when I first started working for a large Fortune 500 company in the telecommunications industry, our new hire orientation required that we read a specific business book.

This was a book written by a leader in the industry who was quite successful in telecommunications. This was before the big dot com bubble burst, and telecom took a nosedive really fast.

But this book was the bible of telecom so to speak and we were all expected to devour it and understand it. I think it really helped us withstand some really tough times.

Post 2

@hamje32 - Well in that category you are sure to find some of the classics of business strategy, so I think that would be a good start. Sales and marketing strategy books would be at the top of my list.

I’ve read some classics written by world renowned sales people and advertising geniuses. They’re full of useful information about how to advertise effectively and most importantly, understanding the psyche of the consumers.

Business strategy all boils down to understanding what the customer wants, in my opinion, and tailoring your marketing campaign accordingly.

Post 1

I like to read after people who have been successful in the field. So if I were looking for the best business strategy book I would look for people who have been successful in the industry that I was specializing in.

I especially love to read books by former CEOs who have successfully turned companies around. I think that these “turnaround artists,” as they are called in the business sector, are worth listening to.

That’s not to say their advice will work in every circumstance, but they’ve understood what it takes to succeed in a particular industry, even in difficult times. They have real life examples of the best marketing strategy to use in order to achieve success.

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