How Do I Choose the Best Bubble Vase?

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Choosing the right bubble vase is primarily a matter of a stylistic choice and what you want to use the vase for. Many of the vases resemble fish bowls, and some are barely bubbled and resemble ordinary vases. The quality of the material is also important, especially if you are going to use it to store something other than flowers. Most come in glass, but they can also be made from ceramics or other similar materials.

Bubble vases offer a stylish way to display flowers, rock gardens, or other plants. They often resemble a regular vase but with a bubble or many bubbles in the middle. Other models resemble a round bowl with a wide opening at the top. Nearly anything can be displayed in wide-mouthed round bowls.

The quality of the material you want will depend on what you want to store in the bowl. For flowers, a bubble vase that has a very small bubble is best, and the material can be lighter because it won’t need to hold as much weight. If you have a rock garden or other heavy items to display, a thicker glass or other material should be used, and the bubble vase should resemble a fish bowl. If the bubble vase is going to hold a candle, the material should be able to resist heat without cracking.


If you don’t want a clear bowl or if you want to add some color, there are many frosted and colored bubble vases available. They won’t display the contents of the vase as well as one that is transparent, but they can be a great compliment to a flower arrangement. Colored vases are often made from materials other than glass, such as ceramics or clay.

Depending on the shape of the bubble vase, you can consider different display options. Some bubble vases are made to attach to the wall, although the majority have flat bottoms so you can put them on a stand or table. There are bubble vases that come in sets, which can make for a nice display as well.

Bubble vases are available for purchase from many sources. Home-improvement or specialty store are probably the best places to find a simple vase. Artisan stores often have bubble vases made of other materials, such as clay or ceramics. If you want something specific, a glass blower or potter can fashion a bubble vase for your needs.


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