How do I Choose the Best Bromelain Enzymes?

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When choosing the best bromelain enzymes, one of the first things to consider is the key physical symptom or problem to be remedied. That will quickly begin to establish which bromelain supplements are best. If digestive symptoms are at the top of the list, then a different potency of bromelain might be used than if one has suffered a broken bone or a nasty muscle strain with bruises. If garden-variety indigestion is the issue, then low-dose chewable tablets would offer adequate digestive support. If skeletal or respiratory symptoms are creating nagging problems, however, then a 500-milligram (mg) or higher potency enzyme mixture should offer some relief.

Bromelain is a sulfur-containing proteolytic enzyme. In its fresh form, it’s found in the juice and stems of pineapples, but manufactured supplements are not difficult to find. Its activity is measured in gelatin digesting units (GDUs) or milk clotting units (MCUs). One GDU roughly equals 1.5 MCUs. Anything exceeding 1200 GDU or 2400 MCU is a high-potency product, with 2000 GDU (4000 MCU) considered maximum potency.


Pineapple enzymes are known to reduce pain and swelling. They are often promoted as anti-inflammatory substances for muscle or joint pain and are useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis because the enzymes are able to digest protein debris that can affect the joints. In Germany, it is approved for nose or sinus inflammation resulting from injury or surgery. Bromelain also is useful in treating upper respiratory tract infections as well as chronic bronchitis. The natural plant enzymes act as a cough suppressant, and they work to thin the lung secretions.

You can select bromelain enzymes according to whether you prefer to swallow a tablet or capsule or to chew a pleasant-tasting tablet. The high-dosage tablets are generally not flavored and are designed to be swallowed rather than chewed. Easy-to-assimilate tablets are another option. They tend to break down quickly, much the way sublingual supplements do.

Several other determining factors in selecting the best bromelain enzymes include supplement potency, brand, desired quantity, the actual form of the supplement and the freshness of the product. Always check the expiration date, and select the product whose expiration is the furthest out. Another primary consideration is the container. Plastic bottles are acceptable as long as the material doesn’t release toxins and the bottles are opaque. Supplements sold in tinted glass bottles are generally considered to be among the best and are often the most expensive.

One last important consideration in choosing the best bromelain enzymes is the reputation of the company. You should try to find out as much as possible about the company. Some things to consider are whether the company has accidentally poisoned anyone with the product, whether it consistently maintains high manufacturing standards and whether the company is well regarded within the industry.


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