How do I Choose the Best Breastfeeding Blanket?

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The addition of a new baby can be a very exciting time. Often, a popular gift for a new baby is a breastfeeding blanket. In order to choose the best blanket, customers should first consider what type of material is best. Blanket material should not only be evaluated based upon the time of year, but also whether it can be machine washed, if it will irritate the skin of the baby or mother. In addition, the size and cost of the blanket should be considered before making a final purchase.

When it comes to choosing the best breastfeeding blanket, customers should consider what type of material the blanket should be made from. Breastfeeding blanket material is important for a number of reasons. For example, it is important to choose a material that provides the proper amount of temperature control. Mothers who are breastfeeding during the summer months will often want a blanket made from relatively lightweight material, while those breastfeeding during the winter will appreciate one that is heavier-duty. Though breastfeeding is most often done indoors, where temperatures can be controlled, differences may still remain that call for various levels of blanket thickness.


In addition, customers should consider whether the breastfeeding blanket can be machine washed, or requires dry-cleaning. Breastfeeding blankets often become soiled from breast milk, spit-up, and other materials. While breastfeeding blankets that can be easily machine washed are often considered to be ideal, some individuals may be fine with those that require dry-cleaning. Customers should consider the preferences of the mother using the breastfeeding blanket before settling on a certain product.

Sometimes, the material from which the blanket is made can irritate the skin of the baby or mother. Natural materials, like cotton, typically are the least irritating. Nylon, polyester, and other man-made fabrics can sometimes be difficult on the skin of a newborn.

To choose the best breastfeeding blanket, customers should also consider its size. Typically, new mothers prefer a breastfeeding blanket that can cover both the child and the breast used for feeding. Blankets that are too small are often not ideal, as they can cause discomfort for both mother and child.

Price should also be considered when selecting a breastfeeding blanket. Often, the material from which the blanket is made, its size, and even the store in which it is purchased can all affect its cost. Customers should shop around for a blanket fits their budget.


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