How Do I Choose the Best Boys' Luggage?

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Whether a boy is packing for a weekend trip or a long family vacation, he will need a durable, easy-to-carry and attractive luggage set. Children's luggage should be constructed of lightweight-but-strong material with easy-opening clasps and zippers. Different types of travel call for different types of luggage: a duffel bag is perfect for an overnight stay, but consider larger cases with wheels if the boy will have to drag his case through airport terminals or bus stations. The best kind of luggage is a full luggage set in several differently sized cases for all types of travel. When buying boys' luggage, look for durability, size, portability, organization and style.

Careless baggage handlers are not the only ones who are rough with luggage. Boys often heft and hoist their luggage, tear open zippers and slap clasps with typical gusto. Check the zippers and seams of clasps on the boys' luggage. Avoid plastic zippers, and select metal or "self healing" zippers that can be reset if they are torn off the track. Seams should be well sewn so that they do not pop apart with use.

Luggage frames usually are metal or plastic. Frames help the boys' luggage retain its structure and shape. Boys' luggage with metal frames might be more expensive but can be worth the cost if the boy travels frequently or is rough on his luggage.


Cloth and thin nylon vinyl materials, although they are very lightweight and colorful, can develop tears and stains in a rough environment. Choose manmade leather or molded plastic luggage, if possible. If a lightweight nylon material is necessary, check the labels for a high-quality ballistic nylon. Choose boys' luggage with a long warranty period in case you discover defects or the luggage performs poorly.

Boys sometimes prefer to carry their own luggage. Encourage this self-sufficiency by looking for luggage that has wheels. Recessed wheels are extremely durable, and wheels that rotate sideways allow maximum directional control. The best boys' luggage features an extension handle so the boy can stand upright while wheeling the luggage. Padded handles and shoulder straps allow the boy to comfortably carry his luggage.

Unlike girls, boys seem to travel lighter with fewer accessories. Even so, boys often like to put things in pockets, so luggage with inserts, pockets, buckles and other expandable slots help the boy stay organized. Boys find external pockets very appealing because pockets enable them to quickly grab items without opening the main compartment.

Traveling can be stressful for a child, so encourage the boy to participate in the selection or purchase kids' luggage in a color or style that he will love. A younger boy might prefer fun luggage printed with favorite cartoon superheroes. An older boy might want more mature, masculine-looking luggage in blue, black or red colors. The boy is more likely to enjoy packing and carrying the luggage if he is allowed to help choose it. Encourage his input, and if possible, allow him to make the final style selection.


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