How Do I Choose the Best Boyfriend Blazer?

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The boyfriend blazer is a versatile jacket that can add a finishing layer to a variety of outfits and looks. It is meant to look easy and spontaneous, like you just threw it on without thinking about it. The best boyfriend blazer for you will fit correctly and reflect your own personal style.

Typically, a boyfriend blazer has a slim — not snug — fit and falls about mid-hip. It may have one button or two and a long, elegant lapel. Some styles also feature elbow length or three quarter length sleeves, a colorful lining, or bold buttons.

The type of fabric you choose will effect the style of the blazer. A typical wool blazer will look, decidedly, like menswear and be very masculine. A pastel silk or cotton blazer will be more feminine. A menswear blazer usually has greater versatility because you can add feminine details with your top and your accessories. For a design that you can wear with many different outfits, choose an understated black or charcoal gray jacket in a mid-weight fabric like light wool or cotton.

Pay close attention to fit when you try on the jacket. This is the most important characteristic in a boyfriend blazer. Too tight, and the blazer will look ill fitting and uncomfortable. You should be able to button the jacket easily, without compromising its shape. It should have a relaxed waist, but the shoulders should be well fitted to your body.


If your shape is lost when you put on the jacket, it is probably too big. The lapel should not gap or buckle when you button the jacket. If it does, the jacket is probably too small. You should be able to slip your arm through the sleeve and arm opening easily, even with a long sleeve shirt on.

When you find a jacket that appears to fit you properly, look at your silhouette in a full length mirror. Generally, the boyfriend blazer is long and falls at mid-hip, which is between the top of your thigh and your hip bone. The overall length of the jacket can vary slightly to accommodate your body type. For instance, women with long torsos may want the boyfriend blazer to fall a little higher — 1 or 2 inches below their hip bone — in order to balance the proportion of their top half to their lower half.


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