How Do I Choose the Best Bowl Sink?

Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best bowl sink for your bathroom or kitchen, pay attention to its depth and material. The depth of a bowl, or vessel, sink is important in relation to the tap to avoid excess splashing. Wood, glass, stone and metal bowl sink materials all have both pros and cons that you should carefully consider before making your choice.

If the tap is installed too close to the bowl, it may be awkward for properly washing hands.
If the tap is installed too close to the bowl, it may be awkward for properly washing hands.

Wood bowl sinks are relatively new on the market in comparison with other vessel sink materials. This can make a wood bowl sink sometimes difficult to find as well as more expensive. Maintenance is also an issue, as regular waxing may be required. On the plus side, wood bowl sinks have a warm appearance ideal for rustic spaces such as log homes or cabins. Teak and birch are popular choices for this type of sink style.

A clear glass bowl for a sink can make a modern statement in either a kitchen or a bathroom. If you don't want a completely transparent look, textured or etched styles are available. It's crucial to choose a tempered glass bowl sink to reduce the chance of shattering. The main drawback of a glass vessel sink style is that it may crack or break, yet it is also typically very easy to maintain and keep clean. Another advantage of glass sinks is that many different colors are available as well as the totally clear versions.

If you want a serene, cool feeling to your bathroom or kitchen, a stone vessel sink can be a good choice. You can choose between a smooth stone bowl sink or a rough hand-carved version. Stone can be an ideal choice if you want a unique look, as the natural markings and colorings vary greatly. Marble bowl sinks can look quite elegant. While stone tends to be one of the most expensive sink materials, it's also highly durable.

Stainless steel bowl, or vessel, sinks are a great pick if you have a modern decor. If you prefer a metal bowl sink, but require a look to coordinate with a traditional or rustic interior, copper can be an excellent choice. As the patina, or natural finish, of copper changes over time, you'll have to either be accepting of the difference or do regular refinishing and maintenance on this type of vessel sink.

For any material for a bowl shaped sink you decide on, remember that the height will be much greater than that of set-in sinks. You'll have to consider the height of your bathroom sink cabinet as well as how the accompanying tap will work with the bowl sink. If the tap is installed too close to the bowl, it may be awkward for properly washing hands, but if it's too far from it, splashing could be an issue. Always keep your sink and tap measurements with you when shopping for a bowl sink.

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